Being bullied by friends at school appears to have led to the recent suicide of a 15-year girl in Ban Tha Liab of Tha Kradan sub-district in Sanam Chai Khet district of Chachoengsao Province, according to the Facebook page of Teenee Paed Riew.

The girl committed suicide by hanging herself in a house in her village, leaving behind a hand-written suicide note lamenting her bullying by friends at school.

The letter reads “I do not want to blame anyone but myself, who was the problem. Then I created this last problem…there were problems at school, in that I was bullied, was insulted about my appearance. I tried to bear it alone without telling anybody. I suffer from depression, which is very tormenting, and I am sorry for having to do this – to leave this world.”

The village head, Thanachok Prakongsuk, said that the girl was a good girl who helped her family sell things in the village. Her suicide was unexpected, he said, adding that he hopes her classmates will now stop bullying others.

Her father said to those who bullied her daughter that this must be the last case.

A close friend of the victim wrote “R.I.P. good girl, sleep well, not tired anymore. You’re really amazing for having tolerated (the bullying) for so long. You are going to a better world, my best friend.”



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