“You’re Really Not Americans Anymore. What You Are, Are Creatures of Big Tech.” – Rudy Giuliani on Big Media and Big Tech Censorship (Video)


By Joe Hoft

Published January 18, 2021 at 7:30am

Rudy Giuliani gave another amazing presentation about Big Tech and Big Media censorship.  These people are not Americans because  Americans cherish free speech.

Rudy Giuliani says at the 8:14 mark in the video below:

In fact two of my podcasts have been taken down.  I believe the reason is, is in those podcasts I assert that states actually voted for Trump rather than for Biden and I’m accused of, of somehow fomenting violence by saying that.  In each one of those states I have enormous amount of proof that what I’m saying is true.  I have affidavits.  I have in some cases videotapes.  I have scientific analysis.  I have examinations of crooked Dominion machines.

People are entitled to look at it and decide whether I’m telling the truth or not.  But all of that has been cut off.  All of that has been kept from you because you’re really not Americans anymore.  What you are, are creatures of Big Tech.  They have a right to decide what you know and don’t know.  They have a right to decide whether you should find out about the criminality of a man running for President of the United States.  They have a right to keep from you the evidence that possibly and I believe actually, votes were stolen in such large numbers in the 2020 election that not only did we elect a man with a 30 year criminal background but we elected him illegally.

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This entire interview was incredible and spot on again by Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy is right. The dictatorial and sick oligarchs running Big Tech aren’t American because they don’t understand America. In America we have a right to free speech. These people push lies.

Big Tech and Big Media can’t have free speech because they will be destroyed by the truth.


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