Why grandmother-style vintage plates are so trendy now (and where to shop them)

Have you noticed how more and more interior decor lovers (and restaurants) have been using vintage, grandmother-style plates? Here’s a closer look behind the hype, with some of our favourite places to buy them online on Instagram in Thailand.

Is grandma’s porcelain too old-fashioned to be used at your dinner table? On the contrary, it has never been so on-trend. Stylish tables everywhere are setting out sets in porcelain, earthenware with delicate patterns or painted with petals and we can’t get enough. So, how are you enjoying your meatloaf? Between the recipe and the dish, your meal can be a full-on retro moment. We take a closer look at this trend.

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Shop the set above at kitchen.dayy/Instagram

“Dinner is served!” But not without some granny-style tableware. Because this year, let’s face it, we’re seeking comfort in all aspects of our life, including our plates. So we’re going for floral patterns, china with lace motifs or even the quintessentially cheesy plate with a saying on it. This summer, Grandma’s making her presence felt in the kitchen, but also on the table.

So let’s head to the china cabinet — which is also experiencing a comeback but that’s another story. We checked out some sites online for inspiration. Like this completely vintage earthenware plate.

Shop the set above at plate.please/Instagram

Etsy has a host of vintage tableware on offer, with plenty of great finds in the mix. Whether you’re looking for Villeroy & Boch pieces or Mikasa or Royal Doulton, it may be cheaper to find some at a local flea market but if you’re searching for a particular set or pattern, the web can be a valuable resource. In Bangkok especially, it’s really fun to shop these vintage (though not always entirely vintage) plates online.

There are of course artisans and designers creating new collections with a vintage style such as the capsule of Cece Barfield Thompson on Moda Operandi.

We also love the designs of Dimanche Vaisselle. The arabesques that adorn the round plates were designed in Italy. A little taste of the Mediterranean in the 19th century.

No one’s going to have to ask us to finish our plate.

Shop the set above at theaugust.memory/Instagram

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