Why Are Supreme & Dickies Collaborating Now?

Supreme. Ever heard of it? Kinda the biggest streetwear brand on the planet. Also, ostensibly a skate company, with its own team. What’s strange is that a brand as collab-happy as Supreme hasn’t come together with Dickies, the unofficial official brand of skate pants, until Fall/Winter 2021.

Fans have actually wondered about this for a few years, but, apparently, it took that VF Corp acquisition to finally bring Supreme and Dickies together, as revealed near the very bottom of the FW21 teaser Supreme uploaded to Instagram on the morning of August 10.

Supreme also showed off a puffer jacket printed with colorized photograph of the old Lafayette-era Supreme crew in the same teaser photo, but the Dickies were arguably the most interesting item on display if only for the cross-cultural relevance.

You see, VF owns both companies, so these kinda in-house crossovers seem to be second nature, though Sup has worked with VF-operated labels like The North Face and Timberland for years.

Still, it is odd that it’s taken Supreme so long to align with Dickies. Given Supreme’s predilection for partnering with companies that boast sufficient heritage (Stone Island, Lacoste, Vans), it doesn’t really make sense.

Considering the loftiness of the partners that Supreme worked with last season, though — Pucci and KAWS, for instance, — it’s nice enough to see Supreme return to its skate roots.

Unsurprisingly, Supreme isn’t merely dishing out a set of logo-laden 874 pants: it’s opting for a bespoke set of insulated Dickies carpenter pants. They’re cushy and quilted for extra winter warmth, riveted for hardiness and washed for softness.

Only the teaser of Supreme’s FW21 line has been revealed thus far so, yeah, not much is known as per usual but expect a slow trickle of news about its next wave of headline-worthy collaborations in the coming weeks, from Dickies to Nike.

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