Planning a trip to Bali? We’re so happy to be hearing of more people flocking to the Indonesian island after it reopened to tourists in March 2022. You’re in for a treat. Prepare yourself for some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, incredible cliff views, delicious food, and of course, great nights out. Every part of Bali is different, so the kind of night you have depends on where you go. From partying until the wee hours to swaying to soulful jazz, here are some of the best places to go for nightlife in Bali.

Best Nightlife in Bali


Seminyak is one of the main tourist hubs of Bali, but it’s a lot more laid back than its neighbour, Kuta. It sits along a beautiful stretch of sand, making Seminyak a beach bar haven. By day, you’ll see surfers riding the waves, volleyball players, people sunbathing, and patrons drinking Bintangs on one of the many beanbags. And for sunset, every one of these beach bars with their colourful bean bags will be taken. With the live music playing, it’s really a beautiful scene. Most people tend to leave after sunset, or if they do stick around, it’s to go to La Plancha. They sometimes have events on here on a Wednesday, so you can have a boogie after the sunset.

When the sun goes down, Seminyak is bustling with chic cocktail bars, backpacker spots, and late-night clubs. Mostly, the bars in Seminyak are laid back, open-aired, and have nice chilled-out vibes. Such a place is Ku De Ta. This place is a Seminyak institution, it’s a restaurant-come-bar, where a live DJ plays smooth tunes. Then, when it comes to dancing until the early hours, the place to be is La Favela. It’s a huge venue and is actually very beautiful. With lush greenery and magical lighting everywhere, La Favela has a whimsical vibe. Two floors pump out commercial hip hop and R&B beats while the third floor is strictly house and dance music.

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Gili Trawangan

Okay, Gili Trawangan isn’t on the island of Bali. But many people that visit Bali also hop over to Gili Trawangan, especially if they want a good night out. The island, known as Gili T, is a part of the three Gili Islands, a small archipelago to the east of Bali. From Bali to Gili T, you can get a boat, which takes between 1.5 and 4 hours depending on what boat you get. But if you’re looking for the best nightlife in (or near) Bali, this is it.

It’s known as the party island, lined with beach bar upon beach bar. The main clientele here are backpackers, so a lot of the nightlife is catered towards them. There’s a huge feeling of ‘island life’ with most bars being open-aired, with a relaxed, happy-go-lucky vibe. For sweet live music, head to Sama Sama. There’s a live reggae band on nearly every night, and its two storeys are always packed. Gili T’s main club is Jungle, which pounds out loveable commercial hits with a neon-lit dancefloor, which tends to spill out onto the beach. One thing about Gili T is that there’s a schedule. Every night, the music turns off at 12am or 1am and only one bar stays open. This means that you’re always going to know where the place to be that night is.

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Kuta has gained a bit of a reputation for being the place where young Australians go for their first boozy holiday. Like what Magaluf is to the UK and Ireland. But it’s still vibrant, fun, and always busy. And while there are some nice bars and restaurants, make no mistake – the emphasis in Kuta is very much on going out. There are some great rooftop bars, like Skylight and Seven. There’s a mix of live music, live DJs, and commercial hits, as well as ultra-cheap drinks.

In comparison to other places in Bali, Kuta has the wildest vibe. There are plenty of multi-storey clubs that go until the early hours, and if that’s what you’re looking for, make a beeline for LXXY. There’s a rooftop swimming pool, cheap drinks, and loud house music. Another popular spot is Paddy’s Pub, an Irish-themed nightclub that’s always buzzing.

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Canggu is mostly known for being a hub of spirituality, health conscious, and bohemian. But it’s changed in recent years, especially as more and more expats flock to Canggu. It’s become one of the best places to go in Bali for nightlife. The hotspots change all the time, there’s an ebb and flow to what’s going to be popular. One that’s crept up recently is Neverland. It’s located in the middle of nowhere, adding to the mystery alluded to by its name. It’s an open-aired bar with live music and they tend to have cool events on every weekend, ranging from hip hop to techno.

The Vault is another one of the most popular spots in Canggu. While Neverland is made out of recycled wood and decorated with hanging plants, the Vault is an underground, Berlin-style club. It’s actually Bali’s first underground club, so you know it’s going to be good. There really is everything you could want from nightlife in Canggu – artsy outdoor bars, underground clubs, beach bars, cocktail bars, and so much more.

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Uluwatu sits along a limestone cliff-fringed coast, making for some of the most beautiful views in Bali. It offers a slower pace of life, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have good nightlife. It’s Bali’s surfing capital, after all, so you know there’s going to be a few backpacker bars around. Nau Tapioca is one such place. It’s budget-friendly, serving up 2-4-1 cocktails all night! Even if you’re not on a backpacker’s budget, Nau Tapioca’s Brazillian theme and epic atmosphere will give you one of your best nights out in Bali. Another brilliant spot is Omnia – it’s a day venue that turns into a booming club when night falls. It has it all; rooftop pool, sweeping ocean views, international acts, and great cocktails.

Uluwatu is not only popular amongst travellers, but it’s also a big destination for people who like the finer things in life. There are many 5-star resorts here, so you’ll find many spots that have catered to that clientele. If that’s what you’re after, head to Karma Beach Club. It’s as luxury as they come. And while many beach clubs tend to shut around 5pm, this one doesn’t shut until 9pm, so you can enjoy the incredible vibes and views until it gets dark.

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Ubud isn’t exactly known for its wild nightlife. It’s Bali’s spiritual centre, teeming with sprawling rice fields, temples, and yoga studios. But if you know where to look, you could have one of your best nights in Bali here. If you like chilled-out vibes, live music, and delicious cocktails, then you’ll love it here. Fly Cafe Cuisine is one of the places where you can enjoy some relaxing live music on a Saturday, while Casa Luna is the place for live jazz tunes on a Wednesday. And if you fancy a bit of reggae, hotfoot to Bunutr Kafe, which has live music every single night.

If you thought you couldn’t dance until the early hours in Ubud, you’d be mistaken. CP Lounge is a longstanding institution, loved by tourists and locals alike. There are pool tables, a dance floor, and a pool. And because it’s pretty much the only place in Ubud that you can party late into the night, you know it’s going to be busy every night, especially during the high season.

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