Where to find the best dirty coffee in Bangkok

Dirty coffee tops the list of the most trendy and millennial coffees in Bangkok at the moment. It’s included in almost every cafe menu of the city, and dotted throughout various Instagram feeds.

The cool-hip drink originated in Tokyo, and though it is often mistaken for an iced latte, it’s actually far more different than similar. Dirty coffee consists of a pool of cold milk (sometimes a mix of milk and cream) with a dark espresso shot or ristretto poured over it. This causes the beautifully messy coffee-milk art that gives it its “dirty” name. It’s always served in a clear glass so coffee connoisseurs can appreciate the art before downing and taking delight in its creamy sweet wonder. Another thing that makes dirty coffee so unique is the combination of hot and cold temp that you get all together in one sip. 

Enough explaining: let’s get right into the cafe-hopping business. Here’s our roundup of cafes to get some of the best dirty coffee in Bangkok.

[Featured image credit: Instagram/donny_eating ; hero image credit: Unsplash/BRUNO EMMANUELLE]


PORTS coffee

We already love PORTS coffee for its old-school vibe and riverside setting. Their dirty coffee really makes the cafe all the more alluring for cafe hoppers like us to revisit again and again.

Image credit: Instagram/donny_eating



It’s a crime not to try the dirty coffee at CRIME BKK.

Image credit: Instagram/cafe.bkk



Saunter over to Bonci for their instagrammable Pink Bimbom Cream, but really, don’t leave without tucking into their amazing dirty coffee.

Image credit: Instagram/hellobonci


Some Time Blue House at Samyan Mitrtown

Don’t feel blue, get dirty here instead at Some Time Blue at Samyan Mitrtown.

Image credit: Instagram/cafe.bkk


IRL Coffee Bar

Tall and dramatic-looking, this dirty coffee at IRL Coffee Bar boasts an extra oomph of milkiness from the usual version you’d get from other cafes.

Image credit: Instagram/irl_coffee_bar



Apart from their scrumptious array of desserts, LYNX also makes a name for itself with their version of dirty coffee. Yes, they do have the regular version of just milk and coffee, but take it up a notch with this Mocha Hazelnut Dirty if you love chocolate.

Image credit: Instagram/kwangsuporn


Coffee Number.9

If you happen to be in Ari, Coffee Number.9 should really be your first stop for a good start to the day. Although their Peach Cold Brew is very tasty, it’s the dirty coffee you should never miss out on trying.

Image credit: Instagram/___snack.gp_


Nana Coffee Roasters

Nana Coffee Roasters is all about bean-to-cup coffee made from quality beans, so expect nothing short of excellence in their dirty coffee.

Image credit: Instagram/pae_cph


Noove Caff

Noove Caff is a house turned cafe that will comfort you with their dirty coffee and a homey, welcoming vibe.

Image credit: Instagram/noove.caff


Bora bora Cafe

Warning: the dirty coffee over at Bora bora Cafe will make you go bananas for its scrumptious intensity and creaminess.

Image credit: Instagram/borabora.coffee


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