Where to buy NIOD, The Ordinary’s lesser-known sister brand, in Singapore

By now you would’ve tried at least one product from Deciem’s no-frills The Ordinary line.

While it’s no doubt its most popular export, The Ordinary isn’t all the Toronto-based firm has to offer. Turns out it actually has a sister brand that its cult-like followers have been trying to keep a secret this whole time: NIOD.

Short for Non Invasive Options in Dermatology, this lesser-known luxury line of skincare products follow the same creed as The Ordinary, where high quality ingredients and straightforward labelling take precedence over fancy packaging and convoluted marketing strategies. 

The only difference, however, is that NIOD was formulated for the hyper-educated in mind, so unless you graduated with a degree in chemistry, chances are its ingredients are going to be complicated enough to turn you off. 

But fortune favours the bold. Knowing how to incorporate these powerful actives into your skincare can mean turning your skin around for the better — especially since NIOD was born of Deciem’s desire to create a line made from the best quality and highest-possible grade of ingredients.

Below, we selected a few of our favourites, and where you can shop these best-kept secrets.


Powered by a high concentration of skin-boosting copper tripeptide, this targeted treatment is a multitasker that encourages your skin into a heightened state of repair. Copper has long been the gold standard of topical anti-ageing, and this lightweight, water-like serum contains the very same tripeptides that are naturally found in human plasma, which unfortunately also decreases as skin ages. These collagen-building blocks are not only versatile complexion boosters, they’ll also improve textural damage, even out skin tone, and restore a youthful radiance over time. 

NIOD’s patent-pending approach requires you to mix the Copper Amino Isolate Activator and Copper Amino Isolate Serum before use, ensuring that the actives in your bottle are always fresh. This potent anti-aging product should be used as the first step after cleansing, and before the application of other skin treatments.

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As many as 28 clinical ingredients were incorporated here to target every hallmark of tired, ageing eyes. Besides a complex peptide system that works to diminish under-eye puffiness, this fast-absorbing serum also contains pure hyaluronic acid (and not the sodium salt version) to fill up wrinkles and fine lines fast. Collagen-boosting and pigmentation-reducing technologies have also been included to hit back against loss of elasticity and dark eye circles too. 

NIOD recommends you apply the product in the eye area — including upper eyelids — both morning and night.

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Taking cues from powerful Ayurvedic plants, this intense cleansing balm thoroughly renews and refreshes your skin by targeting all forms of congestion and impurities. Even though it deeply cleanses, this pH-balanced formula is gentle enough to maintain the skin’s balance, unlike many others in the market. Expect to be cleared of dead skin cells without any of the harsh peeling that exfoliating acids usually bring, with noticeably clearer skin after every use. 

Recommended for use once every other day in the AM or the PM on makeup-free skin. 

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Freckles are cute but they’re also signs of sun damage. This lightweight emollient solution addresses pigmentation problems by incorporating actives like azelaic acid (helps the skin to renew itself more quickly), glycine (promotes skin repair and regeneration), and shiitake ferment to lighten dark spots. Meanwhile, red evodia fruit derivatives — which are commonly found in Chinese medicine — encourages radiance and an even skin tone, leaving you with spotless skin — especially if you’re prone to pigmentation.

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More affectionately known as NAAP by fans, this product is NIOD’s answer to traditional acids and retinols, which typically cause inflammation and flare-ups for those with sensitive skin. Instead of harsh AHAs and BHAs, this product works with the help of fermentation and probiotic bacteria as a precursor of the skin’s natural acids. A marine-derived polymer also keeps your skin’s water-retention capacity high, which in turn expedites the turnover process. Over time, NAAP promises to improve your skin’s texture and radiance, without the redness and inflammation commonly associated with acids.

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Your neck is arguably one of the most neglected areas during your skincare routine, but it’s also usually the first area of the body to show signs of aging. Using pro-elastin and pro-elastic-fiber technologies, the Neck Elasticity Catalyst counteracts neck lines, slackness and sagging (thank you, gravity) to protect its youthfulness for longer. Ingredients like caffeine, carnitine and bitter ginger also work to tone the delicate area.

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