What to Watch: Four Golden Globe Nominees Recommend Their Favorite Golden Globe Nominees

Looking ahead to the Golden Globe Awards Sunday on NBC, we reached out to four nominees to ask them what they have been enchanted by in the last year. Here, they each recommend one of their favorite nominated titles. Below, edited excerpts:

Matthew Rhys Recommends ‘Ozark’

( Netflix )

Mr. Rhys is nominated for his performance of the title role in HBO’s “Perry Mason.” He recommends the Netflix’s series ‘Ozark,’ about a couple that launders money for a drug cartel, now three seasons deep. “Ozark” is nominated for multiple awards, including best performance by an actor in a drama series for Jason Bateman.

“What I always harken to about a show is: What’s the initial hook? After the first episode of ‘Ozark’ you go: oh, s—, how is that gonna resolve? And then you’re in. When the premise is that strong, you’ve got the golden ticket. And no one does everyman in peril better than Jason Bateman. You want to see how he’s going to deal with certain situations. And in a way, it’s kind of masochistic, to watch something where you’re so anxiety-ridden. He also has that rare thing where he can convey [it] comedically in a moment when it shouldn’t be present. Whether it’s through gestures or osmosis, he can kind of make you laugh in the most heightened situations.”


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