What are the top causes of work accidents in Australia? What should be considered to prevent these accidents?

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In Australia, as elsewhere in the world, workplace injuries are unfortunately a common problem in many occupations. Every line of business, from construction work to mining, from painting to driving, always carries some occupational accident risks.

The damage caused by the trauma and injury experienced by the victims of workplace accidents is an indisputable fact. But one must look at the other side of the coin. Declining productivity combined with the costs incurred after workplace accidents are putting pressure on the Australian economy. (According to Safe Work Australia, these workplace accidents cost $60 billion.)

In order to prevent accidents, we must first understand what kind of situations caused the accident and which injuries occur frequently.

The most common types of injuries suffered by workers in Australia

Injuries due to occupational accidents are unfortunately quite common, especially for workers working in construction sites or factory environments. The most common types of injuries to which workers are exposed are fractures, burns, open wounds, sprains and strains, deafness, and hernia.

So, what precautions can be taken to prevent such injuries?

The first and most important reason for the accidents is not taking enough precautions and being careless. For example, the injury of the worker during the use of a machine due to insufficient training occurred because the employer did not act cautiously and assigned an untrained worker to work.

The worker is obliged to understand all aspects of his work and to do it without harming himself or anyone else. The employer should check this regularly.

The materials used in the workplace should be checked regularly and it should be ensured that the safety equipment is intact. In addition, although the use of these personal safety equipment is the responsibility of the worker, the employer should ensure that this situation is regularly audited.

The clothing worn by workers must be appropriate for the job for which they are working. Hard hats, protective gloves or shoes are a precaution to prevent injuries.

The safety of working environments should also be ensured. If there is a risk of any object falling from above, safe ways should be determined accordingly, and if working at height, precautions should be taken against the risk of falling. 

Are you entitled to compensation if you have a workplace accident in Australia?

Yes. You can claim certain rights in order to compensate you for the damages caused by the accident you experienced.

What you can claim may depend on where you are, the extent of your injury, or the circumstances of the situation. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult with personal injury lawyers. For example, if you have been involved in a work injury in Western Australia, you can arrange a first initial meeting with injury lawyers in Perth.

Thus, thanks to the lawyer you have decided to work with, you will know how and from whom you can claim compensation, and you will be able to prepare the necessary documents immediately. 

Let’s say you didn’t get the compensation you requested, what about the lawyer’s costs?

If you decide to work with no win no fee lawyers in Perth, it means that there is no out of pocket expense if the claim is lost. Since you will agree with your lawyer during the process, he will also tell you what the “no win no fee” policy is and what it covers.


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