We’re Smart Green Guide, the new green guide to measure the sustainability of restaurants

We’re Smart Green Guide, the new green guide to measure the sustainability of restaurants

Michelin stars have always been the unit of measurement by which the quality of a restaurant, a chef and his team is assessed.

The explosions of taste made to taste by customers by the skilled hands of expert chefs are not, however, the only parameter to enter the realm of excellence.

The latest trend and the most sought after star has become … the green one.

The green Michelin star and sustainable luxury cuisine

The last frontier of taste that starred chefs from all over the world are trying their hand at?

The veg and waste-free turnaround.

To obtain the green Michelin star, some chefs and locals are trying to overturn their proposals, eliminating, for example, red meat from their menus.

The finest palates, however, have already moved the first criticisms of the new green stars: it would seem that this title can only be “facade” and therefore hide a mere interest in showing “how green you are”.

A much more realistic guide, founded in 1989 by Belgian chef Frank Fol, assigns one to five radishes to evaluate the sustainability of a kitchen.

The guide is called We’re Smart Green Guide and has recently announced the winners for the 2021 edition.

The most sustainable restaurants of 2021

The first three places in the green guide see locals from Northern Europe triumph: five radishes were won by La Distillerie in Bourglinster, Luxembourg, followed by De Nieuwe Winkel in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and Vrijmoed in Ghent in Belgium.

However, the tricolor culinary art certainly does not look bad: three radishes for Piazza Duomo by Enrico Crippa, famous for his great use of vegetables; St. Hubertus, in the middle of the Dolomites, where chef Norbert Niederkofler promotes a concept of mountain cuisine with strictly local ingredients and Le Calandre di Rubano by the Alajmo family, a high restaurant where the vegetable element has always been fundamental.

Joia in Milan, by Pietro Leemann, the first vegetarian restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star, could obviously not be missing from such a list.


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