Welcome to 2021: this mattress corrects your posture while you sleep

Having trouble sleeping?

Germany-based mattress brand Emma Mattress has introduced Motion, its very first connected mattress. This new model is unique in that it is able to detect poor posture during sleep and improve it by adjusting the compression quality of the foam. It is hitting the market first in France and the Netherlands in the coming days before rolling out to other territories.

Image credit: Facebook/Emma Mattress

A mat sensor in the mattress tracks and analyzes your different positions throughout the night and then “intelligently” adapts to each of them. To do this, it works with the foam directly, compressing expandable sections further or, conversely, decompressing them as needed. In this way, the mattress corrects the posture of the person lying on it by itself. The idea is to relieve the spine as much as possible in order to avoid back pain when the person gets up.

Image credit: Facebook/Emma Mattress

But that’s not all, the Emma Motion is also able to regulate the temperature, depending on the heat released by the body, with the help of millions of graphite particles arranged in its upper part. If all goes to plan, the individual will wake up without anybody aches and having slept at the optimum temperature all night.

Image credit: Facebook/Emma Mattress

Emma plans to launch a mobile application (for Android and iOS) directly connected to the mattress, which will be able to report on the quality of sleep and even give advice on how to sleep even better.

All this comfort has a price, about 2400 euros (approx. THB 87,307) per mattress. Note that Emma should be available from the end of January 2021 in France and the Netherlands.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.


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