That’s nonsense.

This is an editorial from the Global Times

The game of football brings the whole world together

“Under the zealous expectations of fans across the globe, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 officially kicked off on Sunday. Whichever team among the 32 from all over the world finally lifts the FIFA World Cup Trophy will affect the moods of fans in the coming month. The charm of football will also transcend national borders, races and religions to light up the sparks of emotions and values shared by the world in the fields of play.  

In the past four years since the last World Cup, great changes have taken place in the world. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, international sports events have been greatly reduced, and exchanges between countries and regions have been hindered. At the same time, geopolitics and ideologies have become rampant in areas where they should not have getting involved in the first place. The more such a situation is, the more the world needs the World Cup and the sportsmanship embodied by the World Cup. From this point of view, the meaning of the World Cup is first of all the “world,” then the “cup.” As FIFA President Gianni Infantino said, football is not just a sport, its cultural value and influence can unite the world…..

… For China, in 1978, state broadcaster CCTV broadcast the World Cup for the first time, which opened a door for the Chinese people. From radios, black-and-white TVs, color TVs to computers and mobile phones, the World Cup witnessed not only the fiery passion of Chinese fans, but also China’s firm steps toward the world. From the Lusail Stadium, which will host the final game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to the 1,500 new-energy buses, from the communication and network equipment of the stadium to the World Cup souvenirs and cultural shirts that can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys… Although the Chinese team failed to make it to the World Cup in Qatar, “Chinese elements” can be seen everywhere. The two giant pandas from China in the panda pavilion in Qatar also convey the best wishes of the Chinese people for the World Cup….”

I recommend reading the whole editorial, it’s well written and it echoed my own sentiments exactly.  

China’s zero covid policy is absurd, unpopular in China and I disagree with it completely but over time I’ve come to understand the following things about it.

  1. The measures affect a nanofraction of the population at any given time. They are just exaggerated hysterically by free world media.
  2. China has banned a national vaccine mandate. This has made the Pfizer Club FURIOUS. In order to piush back and because they were blamed for viruses jumping out of batsoup, (I think) zero covid is a bit of a pantomime put on mostly for Western media. To hit back at criticisms that China is not doing enough.
  3. China switched to far less invasive saliva tests early on. Yes I know the test is rubbish anyway. But in Italy, eg until today, saliva tests cost almost 100 euro. The Draghi government made it an explicit policy to harass the unvaccinated workers who were forced to shell out for the cheaper nasal tests and be nasally raped every 48 hours in order to keep their jobs.




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