[VIDEO] The Dream Wedding: The Love Story of Yohana Trisya Anggraeni & Wisvici Yosua Samin

THE DREAM WEDDING – An initiative dedicated to our healthcare heroes; Donating a wedding experience.

Earlier this year in August, we ran a story about the Dream Wedding initiative, which was initiated by Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta and Time International together with Prestige Indonesia to gift a special couple their literal dream wedding. What truly makes this program special, however, is that it is dedicated to healthcare workers and medical professionals.

Even during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that doctors, nurses and healthcare workers in general would take the brunt of the crisis. And many of these heroes fighting on the frontlines would eventually put their lives on hold. It goes without saying that this includes many cancelled wedding plans. This is where the Dream Wedding project comes in: A small gesture of thanks for the healthcare professionals doing their best to keep us safe.

Registration opened in mid-August, and soon, submissions started pouring in. These were then reviewed by a jury panel consisting of Yonatan Kachko (General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta), Shannon Hartono (Vice President of Time International), Ronald Liem (Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Prestige Indonesia), Fenny Palijama and Vijay Manghnani (founder of Kenisha Wedding Organizer) and Nefianto Setiono (founder of Nefi Décor).

Finally, on November 18, the Dream Wedding jury convened at the Presidential Suite of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta to choose a winner. So, ladies and gentlemen, meet our dream bride and groom, dr. Yohana Trisya Anggraeni and dr. Wisvici Yosua Samin.

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VIDEOGRAPHY Aditya Wisnuyaniarso & Haryo Suryadi

EDITOR AT LARGE Joezer Mandagi


LOCATION Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta


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