Veuve Clicquot goes back to the ’80s with retro-chic cassette specials

We might be well into the 2020s, but it seems like the ‘80s are still very much alive.

More specifically, the good ol’ days of the cassette tape, an invention that forever changed the way we listened to music. This year, champagne house Veuve Clicquot celebrates the individuality, creativity and personal expression that came with the era and device with its Retro, Chic! Gift collection, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Instead of the usual gift box, Veuve Clicquot has very cheekily placed its iconic Yellow Label Cuvée into one that resembles a giant cassette tape. Three unique designs will take you on a walk down memory lane here, especially since every detail has been carefully thought out to bring you back to your childhood (or teenage days, we’re not judging).

veuve clicquot

The Clicquot Tape isn’t just a pretty face either; once you’re done with the champagne and celebrations, it gets second life as a reusable and pretty Instagrammable storage box — just like how cassette tapes were reused and continuously recorded over. Alternatively, the brand’s commitment to eliminating plastic from their packaging means that the box is completely recyclable, so you’re doing the environment a favour either way.

veuve clicquot

Of course, the Veuve Clicquot Retro, Chic! experience is only complete with the right tunes. For this, the house has created exclusive Spotify playlists that can also be accessed via QR codes on the Clicquot Tapes to get you in the mood.

The three new collectible designs are available at six retail locations in Singapore: Raffles City and Tanglin Mall Market Place, and Cold Storage Plaza Singapura, Takashimaya, Jelita and Great World City outlets.

Find out more here.

(All images: Veuve Clicquot)


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