It has been more than a year since Afghanistan was under the control of the Taliban. The UN aid chief on Monday (August 30) said that countries should now resume sending development assistance aid to the people who are starving.

The economic and political situation in the South Asian country is deteriorating every day. The population is increasing, poverty is getting worse, and the authorities don’t have the funds to cope with it. Afghanistan’s development has slowed, particularly since the Taliban took control.

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According to the UN aid chief, six million people in the country are at risk of starvation, and half of them require humanitarian assistance. He further stated that without proper care, more than a million children are predicted to be suffering from malnutrition.

The UN and other charity organisations have struggled to get enough money into the country over the past year as international banks are wary of breaking sanctions.

Martin Griffiths, UN chief aid said, “Humanitarians have brought in over $1 billion in cash to sustain programme delivery, but the liquidity and banking crisis continues to impact delivery of assistance and on the daily lives of Afghans,” Reuters reported.

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Foreign nations have also frozen billions of dollars, mostly by the US, to stop the Taliban from accessing them.

However, Russia and China, opposing other nations, called for the release of the money. However, as per UN officials, Russia and China were the two countries that gave the most aid to Afghanistan.

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