Uber Eats employs bovine brand ambassadors

Anything is bound to get more attention when it’s associated with a handsome and charismatic mammal. The smart people at Uber Eats and its Australia agency Special know this. Hence they attached promo codes to cows in a recent stunt to draw attention to the presence of a gelato vendor, Messina, on the platform.

Australians didn’t have to traipse out in the fields to discover the promo codes, because the code-clad cows were kind enough to wander through the frame during an Instagram Live yesterday.

The codes unlocked up to A$350,000 worth of prizes and discounts. Messina has 22 virtual storefronts on Uber Eats, with locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane.

The cows are also gracing digital out of home ads and Uber Eats’ owned channels.

Ad Nut supports the use of all types of animals in advertising, but is always extra happy when it’s any kind of animal that is not a murderous beast


Marketing Director: Andy Morley

Head of Marketing: David Griffiths

Marketing Manager: Josh Pickstone

Partner & Co-CEO: Cade Heyde & Lindsey Evans

Partner & Co-CCO: Tom Martin & Julian Schreiber

Creative Director: Adam Ferrie & Peter Cvetkovski

Creative: Matt Bladin & Phoebe Sloane

Head of Business Management: Tori Lopez

Business Director: Gill Last

Senior Strategist: Kellie Box

Social Lead: Lachlan Stewart

Social Media Specialist: Sarah Mckie

Designer: Bella Plush

Head of Film and Content Production: Sevda Cemo

Integrated Producer: Steph Wilkinson

Production Manager: Luke Coulson

DOP: David Guest

AC: Jake Reeder

Offline Editor: Scott Walmsley

Online Editor: Fraser Kelton

Colourist: Carve & Stitch

Sound: Smith & Western


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