In the third edition of this series, Twitch’s VP of APAC sales, Steve Ford, curates a list of three top-performing campaigns in APAC, analysing performance across a range of metrics.

In the latest round of our quarterly series, we review a new trio of campaigns: the Queensland Government’s drink-driving campaign All Good. All Bad.; a Twitch-owned Mother’s Day esports special featuring Nintendo, Samsung, Esprit and Ah Q Barrel Noodles; and Maybelline’s launch of the Colossal Curl Bounce mascara. Each of these campaigns used Twitch in a creative and innovative way to ultimately tap into the power of shared experiences to spark new and authentic branded conversations.

Spotlight: StreetSmarts QLD ‘All Good. All Bad.’ Drink Driving Campaign (Australia)

April 2022

Now that we can all finally get together and reconnect with friends and family in person, this naturally calls for celebration. But perhaps best done in moderation—according to the Queensland Government. In Australia, one in three young men aged 18-24 admit to driving when they may be over the alcohol limit. And that drinking, on average, decreases reaction time by 120 milliseconds—a dangerous lag to have when making split-second decisions on the road.

StreetSmarts QLD, a road safety education programme for the state of Queensland, was on a mission to remind Queenslanders that there’s always an ‘All Good’ alternative to drink driving. However, they wanted to deliver the message in a light-hearted way that made it easier for people—particularly young men—to hear and pass it on to their mates. Given that 75% of Twitch’s audience is aged 16 to 34, it was the perfect place to find an active and engaged community to drive the message home.

Partnering with Twitch, StreetSmarts QLD challenged Australian streamer /TJBirrd to a unique game of Minecraft where gradually, throughout the course of a two-hour sponsored stream, his gameplay was increasingly impacted by long lags to depict the—sometimes fatal—consequences of impaired reflexes. The power was ultimately in Twitch Chat’s hands with viewers able to request when and what length of lag to apply, from 120 milliseconds upwards.

This, of course, led to a number of harrowing close calls, as well as several ‘game overs’. Watching the drama unfurl on tenterhooks, Twitch Chat was on fire smashing all channel viewership and engagement expectations as flurries of anxious and rallying messages came pouring in.

This was the first time an Australian government had ever sponsored an influencer broadcast, but by tapping into not just the creator, but also their community, Queensland Government was successfully able to deliver a serious message in a fun and engaging manner. Leveraging the shared sense of panic and anxiety /TJBirrd’s viewers experienced during the stream, the takeaway was simple—lag is a killer, even in a game.

Results snapshot:

Media results

  • Video ad completion rate: 85.4%*
  • Video click-through rate: 0.33%*
  • *Average of 15s and 30s Twitch Premium Video Ads

Sponsored stream results

  • Total views: 20,562 (+ 2.81% uplift vs benchmark)
  • Total reach: 15,997 (+ 14.26% uplift vs benchmark)
  • Total minutes watched: 43,958 (+ 25.59% uplift vs benchmark)
  • Max CCU: 478
  • Total channel chat activity: 461

Honourary mention: Mother’s Day esports special ft. Nintendo, Samsung, Esprit and Ah Q Barrel Noodles (Taiwan)

May 2022

It’s well-known that Gen Z consumers wield significant financial clout. But that goes far beyond their own spending habits—they have a big influence over their family and friends too. In fact, some estimates suggest that over a third of household purchases are determined by Gen Z. But bringing the two sides together to reach Gen Z and their parents in one go is no easy feat. 

So, ahead of this year’s Mother’s Day, one of the largest and most celebrated occasions in Taiwan, Twitch saw an opportunity to bridge the divide, and create a fun, cross-generational campaign with a Mother’s Day Esports Special, a live Twitch-operated and -owned gaming cum shopping show.

Hosted by popular streamer personalities /daikai4104 and /chen810830, alongside well-loved baseball anchorman, Hsu Chan-yuan, Twitch invited ten well-known streamers to bring their moms to work and form duos. These pairs then battled it out in a friendly Nintendo Switch Sports competition for the chance to bring home a set of the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 phones.

But that wasn’t all that was on offer—viewers too stood a chance to win fabulous prizes in a series of audience sweepstakes by simply typing brand taglines in Twitch Chat. This allowed the hosts to introduce a variety of brands—including Samsung’s Galaxy S22, Esprit and Ah Q Barrel Noodles, as well as Nintendo—in an interesting and engaging way. 

This heart-warming, feel-good campaign not only brought mothers and their children closer together for the festivities, it also ultimately created memorable branded moments that led to better brand recall and significant upticks in purchase intent.

Results snapshot:

  • Awareness: 100% of viewers remember seeing at least one of the brands and 55% remember all four brands.
  • Purchase intent: 99% of viewers intend to purchase from at least one of the brands featured, 55% plan to purchase from all four brands.

Honourary mention: Maybelline—Turn Up the Volume for Maybelline’s Colossal Curl Bounce (Australia)

April 2022

Gen Z are redefining the beauty industry, shaking off age-old standards to allow for more self-expression, experimentation and choice—you could go all-out with bright, bold colours, or put on relatively little make-up if at all. But if there’s one thing that unites Gen Z in the make-up toolkit, it’s mascara. According to a report by Kyra—a Gen Z media company—over a third of Gen Z could not go without mascara in their collection.

But as with many other purchasing decisions, Gen Z don’t just pick any old brand off the shelf—they do their research. In particular, the same report found that a third of Gen Zs will turn to influencers, tutorials and social media for tips on the best products to buy. 67% would also very happily watch content from influencers who are of a different gender identity to their own.

To promote their new mascara, the Colossal Curl Bounce, Twitch presented Maybelline with a unique opportunity to not only engage popular creator /Fasffy for a dedicated make-up stream, but also create an interactive community experience whereby viewers were able to choose every part of their look, from the colours to the style, using Twitch’s poll feature. Twitch also created a custom chatbot enabling viewers to click-through directly to purchase the Colossal Curl Bounce for themselves.

This special two-hour sponsored stream was the first of its kind in APAC, but saw great success in sparking honest, unscripted and authentic conversation around the role of make-up in society, beauty standards and gender expectations. Suffice to say, the product ended up selling out on stream.

Results snapshot:

Sponsored stream:

  • Total minutes watched: 84,850 (+89% uplift vs benchmark)
  • Total reach: 16,897 (+17% uplift vs benchmark)
  • Total views: 22,249 (+22% uplift vs benchmark)

Custom commercial (ran as video ads):

  • Video completion rate: 86%
  • Click through rate: 0.25%

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