Transport Co announces month-long 10% discount on fares

There are many ways to celebrate the New Year holiday, from a quiet time with family to a raging party full of questionable amounts of alcohol consumption. But Transport Co, the state-run transportation company, has a New Year’s gift for the public: a 10% discount on interprovincial bus fares.

The discounted fares will last for 32 days total and will begin on Monday, December 20 and continue through the New Year’s holiday and into 2022 until January 20. The discount will be applicable only for e-ticket bookings according to the Transport Co announcement today.

E-tickets with the 10% discount can be purchased from the Transport Co website at tcl99web.transport.co.th/Home of through the Thai Transport e-ticket mobile app. Other types of tickets will not receive the discount, nor is the discount applicable to other fees.

The 10% discount is not stackable, meaning that it can’t be combined or compounded with another special offer or discounted fare. And the e-tickets that receive the reduced pricing are fairly inflexible. The rules for e-tickets do not allow any refunding, and they cannot be exchanged under any circumstance.

The discount and fine print for the tickets are similar to a promotion Transport Co ran last month offering a 20% discount for any rider who has been fully vaccinated.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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