Tourism NZ launches crusade against predictable selfies

Summit spreadeagle? You can do better than that. Hot dog legs? Just don’t. Contemplative man on a rock? Really?

Tourism NZ launches crusade against predictable selfies

Comedian Tom Sainsbury plays a dedicated member of New Zealand’s SOS (social observation squad), fearlessly patrolling some of the country’s most popular destinations in order to stop people from taking clichéd Instagram shots.

Part of Tourism New Zealand’s ‘Do Something New’ push, the campaign, which launched on Tuesday (January 26) asks people to think of more original poses. Those who do so can share them with the hashtag #DoSomethingNewNZ for a chance to win a domestic travel voucher worth NZ$500 (US$358). 

This is Ad Nut’s pick for the funniest campaign of the week in the ‘purposely funny’ category, as opposed to an earlier one that was funny, but not on purpose—or at least Ad Nut doesn’t think it was (see “Knock knock. (Who’s there?) A cricket legend. (A cricket legend who?) A cricket legend who would now like to deliver a truly wooden endorsement“).

Ad Nut has deployed minions to determine what agency is responsible.


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