This Summer, Asia Yachting Offers the Ultimate Way of Escape

Got a yearning to get away from it all but don’t know how to do it? Asia Yachting has the answer.

Now matter how fulfilling our lives may be, we all need an escape from time to time – from the pressures of work or the incessant bustle of the city – and even simply for a change of viewpoint or to discover for ourselves a new horizon. And at a time such as this, when almost everyone has been unable to travel (and even if we do, a long period of quarantine is the inevitable conclusion to any overseas journey), the need and the urge to get away from the familiar are even more difficult to resist.

But how to get away from it all in a small territory that’s nonetheless home to more than seven million people, every one of whom is desperate to do exactly the same thing, and where we’re all urged to keep our distance from each other? There is, of course, one obvious place where that’s possible – a place that not only stares us in the face each and every day, but one that almost completely surrounds us. We’re talking about the sea.

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Aboard your own boat, far from the crowds and the perpetual hustle, with only loved ones or a small group of trusted friends to keep you company, the horizons are by definition new, ever-changing and limited only by how much time you have and how far you wish to travel. More than being the ultimate aspirational toy – though that is exactly what it is – your own boat represents the ultimate way of escape.

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As the local dealership of the renowned French yacht builder Prestige, whose range of vessels – from the Prestige 420 to the impressive X70 flagship – is now available for purchase in Hong Kong waters, Asia Yachting can help you slip your anchor, leave the land behind and head out across the waves towards the blue yonder. And just in time for long, lazy weekends of carefree cruising.

Prestige yachts are renowned for the superb quality of their engineering and construction, as well as spacious, comfortable and beautifully appointed interiors that maximise natural light – and the 13-metre-long, entry-level Prestige 420, which can comfortably accommodate four passengers on overnight cruises in two en-suite cabins, represents outstanding value for money. It also features the Prestige Flybridge, a design concept unique to the brand that creates a living space that rich in materials, space and light. At the other end of the scale, both in terms of size and luxury, is the fabulous, 21.8-metre-long Prestige X70, which offers up to four overnight cabins.

  • Prestige X70
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With the summer fast approaching, blissful weekends afloat beckoning and the range of Prestige yachts lying ready for you to inspect, it really is time to arrange a visit with the people at Asia Yachting, who will be delighted to help you make the right choice, according to your requirements, and – whether it’s berthing arrangements or management services for your new boat – will be there to offer assistance at every step of the way.

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