This $16 Million Santa Barbara Estate Has 26 Acres of Working Vineyards—and Room for Horses

Most million-dollar homes have wine cellars, but few come with a full-blown vineyard. Those who want a never-ending supply of Sauvignon Blanc would do well to invest in the latter, which is good timing, because a $16 million estate in Santa Barbara just listed with 26 acres of vines.

The property is being shopped by lawyer Robert Lieff, who has owned many wineries over the years. Lieff Ranch represents the most recent entry in that portfolio, and the businessman sells Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and other wines from the vineyard via an online store. One of the more appealing aspects of buying the home off him is that you can do the same and perhaps turn a tidy profit from the venture. The ranch is located in Santa Ynez, an area rife with wineries, so you’ll certainly have some competition.

vineyard santa barbara

The dining room  Gavin Cater Photography

In terms of housing, the estate has not one but four cottages, plus a barn and equestrian facilities, should you want to bring some horses when you move in. Lieff made many improvements to place over the years, too, including adding a bocce ball court. Also on the grounds is a lap pool.

Santa Barbara vineyard

The kitchen  Gavin Cater Photography

The main home is a five-bed, five-bath structure; altogether it’s a 56-acre property, with 26 acres reserved for the vineyard. According to The Wall Street Journal, Lieff expects the vineyard to produce 6,000 cases of wine or about 72,000 bottles next year. That will likely be too much vino to imbibe on your own, so it may be worth selling it off just as its current owners have.

Santa Barbara Estate

A bedroom.  Gavin Carter Photography

In addition to the bottles, the property can also generate income via its many different structures, which can be rented out for weddings or other events. Alternatively, you can keep it all to yourself—wine, real estate at all—and use the vineyard as a personal retreat.

Check out more photos of Lieff Ranch below:

Santa Barbara Estate

The living room.  Gavin Carter Photography

Santa Barbara Estate

The entryway  Gavin Carter Photography

Gavin Carter Photography

The office  gavin cater

Santa Barbara Estate

One of the bedrooms  Gavin Carter Photography

Santa Barbara Estate

The barn  Gavin Carter Photography


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