These Are the Breaks: Essential Windbreakers for a Fickle Season

In this feature from the new issue of HIGHStyle, our editors discuss this season’s best swishy, packable, and sometimes waterproof, windbreakers.

The weather is temperamental right now. When it comes to outerwear, what you need is something versatile — something that (literally) bends to the needs of changeable elements and stop and start storage requirements. Windbreakers tick those boxes.

Designed to be an impenetrable fortress between your torso and the wind, the best windbreakers will lend a hand in stopping the rain from getting through, too. The winning quality in this category, though, is the lightweight build that windbreakers offer. With spring temperatures unusually warm but showers still an ever-present threat, the windbreaker will be your best friend this season.

Our editors across the globe, and in varying climates, got together via Zoom to discuss some of the season’s best and most wild windbreakers. Here’s what they thought.

Scroll for our editors’ thoughts on this season’s best windbreakers.

C.P. Company

Corey: “I love the face shield.”
Haley: “I didn’t know if it would actually work. But I tried it on, and it does.”


Noah: “A monochrome with different shades of the same color is something I love so much.”


Thom: “I loved the last Y/Project show so much. It really made me miss going backstage to feel the clothes up after the show.”
Noah: “That boot-jean thing was nuts!”


Corey: “Stunning.”

Haley: “The fabric is solar-charged, so at night it glows like this.”

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