These are the best Easter meals to get delivered at home

When it comes to festive fare, Christmas gets all the attention. Entire cookbooks are dedicated to December dishes, and rows of mince pies extend as far as our Instagram-scrolling eyes can see. Easter, in comparison, draws the short straw. But, this year, amidst uncertain lifting lockdowns and torrentially temperamental weather, we could all do with a bit of comfort food…

Because, while Easter is renowned for its chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, it offer falls during the freshest part of the year — the season when produce is at its best and flavours are blooming and blossoming in spades. So, to make this an Easter to remember, we’ve tracked down the best restaurants delivering Easter delicacies and delights direct to your door. Tuck in!

Among other things, The River Café is renowned for its sublimely beautiful setting adjacent to the River Thames. But its setting is by no means its only draw; the food is nothing short of exquisite, and so we’re thrilled that this renowned London restaurant is offering to deliver Easter cuisine right to your front door. 

The mouth watering choices include seasonal asparagus, a delectable tagliarelle and a choice of Veal Osso Bucco or a John Dory roasted over potatoes, with black olives and oregano. Rainbow and Swiss Chard swiftly follows, as does a Pressed Chocolate Cake: a perfect way to end a long, hard Lent if you’re one of those who opted to give up chocolate. This particular menu serves four; so it’s the ideal opportunity to dine al fresco with friends or family. 

These are the best Easter meals to get delivered at home

The River Café

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At long last, we can meet outside in groups of six — and this exciting development in the post-lockdown world hasn’t been missed by Coq d’Argent. Their decadent Easter feast is the ultimate celebratory meal, and is perfect for celebrations of all kinds. Easter weekend? Time to celebrate. Easing of lockdown restrictions? Definitely time to celebrate. 

It’s time to indulge, too (goodness knows, we’ve earned it) and this meal is indulgence personified. Starters include a duck liver ballotine, and the main course boasts a mouth-watering milk fed leg of lamb with a gratin dauphinoise. Make sure you’ve got room left, because you wouldn’t want to miss the dessert options, which include baked chocolate soufflé tart among their delectable offerings. One meal serves two: why not go for broke and order three? Now that’s what we call a six-person gathering. 

These are the best Easter meals to get delivered at home

Coq d’Argent

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If there’s one thing Butler Wharf Chop House is known for, it’s the meat. Those succulent sharing cuts, cooked on open charcoal grills, have been the talk of the town for as long as we can remember. And if anyone’s opting for a carnivorous feast of the highest quality this weekend, you won’t have to look any further. 

Lamb may be the traditional Easter meat; but there’s no reason another meat can’t have a go at being an Easter centrepiece. This feast starts with a Severn & Wye smoked salmon before moving on to the main event: a 350g Aged Sirloin steak, complete with Chop House butter and sides including triple cooked chips and crispy shallots. Round it all off with a Bourbon Sticky Toffee Pudding — and if you’re opting for the two-person meal, it comes with a bottle of Rully La Martelle. Who could ask for more? 

These are the best Easter meals to get delivered at home

Butlers Wharf Chop House

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14 Hills has long exuded an enviable sense of style in everything it does — and its Easter offering is no different. This menu has managed to encapsulate traditional Easter fare and a sense of jubilant celebration in one succulent package, and we’re confident there will be something for everyone in this flavourful mix. 

You’ll be off to a promising start, with a starter of Pork, Rabbit & Apricot terrine. If the starter sets the tone for the rest of the meal, you won’t be disappointed: a herb crusted 4 bone Rack of Lamb is accompanied by glazed carrots and potato dauphinoise, among other delicious side dishes; and the dessert sees a joyfully sweet Pineapple Tarte Tatin take centre stage, in true celebratory style. One meal serves two people, but you can order more than one…

We’re journeying to Italy in the case of renowned Mayfair restaurant Sartoria — specifically, to the Calabria region, home to Chef Patron Francesco Mazzei and inspiration for the delectable dishes you’re able to order directly to your front door. In true Italian style, this is a feast in every sense of the word with four courses rather than two; but we don’t think you’ll have any problem making room.

The antipasti sets the tone for the once-in-a-lifetime meal to come: the saffron brioche bread has already got our stomachs rumbling. The prima course of smoked burrata tortelli sends those high expectations soaring, and the secondo will surely send them through the roof: a pot roasted lamp rump is quintessential Easter fare all tied up in exquisite Italian heritage. Order for two people, and get a bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo to top it all off. 

We’re not the only ones who think we all deserve a bit of indulgence after a pretty tough year; Orrery thinks so too, and they’ve designed an exquisite five course meal with indulgence at the top of their priorities. To say French cuisine does indulgence well would be a hideous understatement, and this scintillating menu is no exception. 

After the bread and butter, the amuse bouche comes in the form of a cauliflower and coconut velouté. We know; our mouths are watering, too. But there’s no time to waste, because a smoked salmon starter is hot on its heels, followed by a milk fed lamb shoulder (in true Easter fashion) with a pomme purée. Finally, there’s a lemon and pistachio tart; and a bottle of Chateau Gros Caillou (or Chablis 1er Cru) if you’re splitting it between two of you. 

From France, to Italy, and now to Germany: the wonderful team over at German Gymnasium has put together the Easter feast of dreams that merges traditional spring fare with the very finest German cuisine. Germany is known for its Christmas markets; but we can confirm it knows how to celebrate Easter just as well. 

You’ll be off to a flying start with the Giant Brezel appetizer (for those who didn’t take German GCSE, a brezel is akin to a pretzel), which gives way to the beetroot cured salmon. The main course sees a lamb rack with a delectable garlic risotto taking centre stage; and if you’ve still got room, the chocolate fondant is a triumphant end to a truly sublime meal. Order for four, and celebrate with your family, or your housemates, in true German style. 

These are the best Easter meals to get delivered at home

German Gymnasium

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Sharing is at the heart of this particular Easter spread. Prepared by Radici’s Chef Patron, Francesco Mazzei, with his southern Italian heritage infusing every particle of mouth-watering cuisine, this is truly a feast to spread out on the table in all its glory. 

The antipasti offers myriad delicious choices that will surely tempt even the most discerning palate, with options including spicy meatballs, burrata and anchovies. The primo course centres on a whole spit-roast chicken which hearkens back to rustic Italian feasts of yore; and the pannacotta guarantees a perfect ending. Order for two, and — if the weather allows — enjoy al fresco. 

‘Seasonal’ is the word du jour here; Bluebird has put together a traditional Easter feast courtesy of their Executive Chef, Henrick Ritzen, which draws on exquisite seasonal delicacies to create a meal perfect for this sunny, joyful holiday. 

The starter includes sourdough bread with baby artichokes and black olive crumb; the main course sees in a triumphant four-bone rack of lamb, accompanied by asparagus and a potato gratin. The meal is rounded off with almond tart, and our mouths are watering just at the thought of it. If you’re not quite ready to meet up with others just yet, or if you really just want to treat yourself in spectacular style — either way, we’d understand — order for one, and have the ultimate solo dining experience.

We’re listing it last, but it is by no means least; The Wolseley are packaging up their Easter Holiday Celebratory Meal, and celebratory is certainly an accurate descriptor. Every conceivable Easter delicacy is included here, and it’s truly a jubilant celebration of everything that we know and love about this sunny, springtime holiday. 

Diners will be greeted with options including Asparagus Vinaigrette, a New Season Leg of Lamb (or Amaretto Glazed Butternut Squash for the vegetarians out there; this dish sounds so delicious, we’re almost tempted to give up our meat preferences altogether); and the celebratory theme continues with a Strawberry and Champagne Trifle. We said every conceivable Easter dish, and we meant it: the meal comes complete with Valhrona Chocolate Mini Eggs and Hot Cross Buns. Order a meal for four, and enjoy the very definition of an Easter feast. 

These are the best Easter meals to get delivered at home

The Wolseley

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