These 71 Easy School Lunch Ideas All Deserve an A+

These school lunch ideas are sure to keep your kiddo satiated and knock your parenting report card out of the park. We know, we know—your youngster is a sweet snowflake who only wants to eat crustless sandwiches. That’s fine! From hearty wholemeal slices stuffed with avocado aspirations to the upgraded miso-laced PB&J parents will love too, you’ve got options. But there’s more for all kinds of young eaters. We’re talking cauliflower shingaras (yes, they shall eat vegetables!), weeknight meatballs that make great leftovers, comforting chicken and rice soup, crispy kale chips (which are the new chip-chips), and romesco pasta that’s just as good cold. Here, we’ve compiled all the school lunch ideas that will keep your kid’s brown bag brimming with the good stuff.


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