The fitness trends to know about in 2021

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Add light therapy to your workout

KX, the ultra-luxurious private members’ gym in Chelsea – known for its holistic approach to wellness and its celebrity clients (the Duke of Sussex is a fan) – is launching a Red Fit Lab; a workout space designed to combine InfraRed Light Therapy (PBM Therapy) with cardio workouts. This works to support tissue repair, reduce pain and inflammation while boosting energy levels.

KX has derived a three-day RedFit program with daily sessions in the Red Fit Lab: ‘Performing moderate cardio training in combination with PBM Therapy lights has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and fitness, target fat burning to up-regulate the body’s antioxidant system,’ explains Gideon Remfry, KX’s Wellness Director.

The next generation of wearable tech

Wearable technology (or ‘wearables’) has been ascending in popularity over the past five years. Apple continues to push the envelope of wearable technology; its recently launched Fitness+ platform, powered by Apple watch, provides an all-encompassing gym membership experience through the Apple devices. There’s also a swathe of lesser-known tech brands gathering quick momentum. In the ski sphere there’s Carv, the world’s first digital ski instructor: A smart insole, complete with 72 pressure sensors, slips under the liner of both ski boots, records the quality of the ski and gives real-time feedback and advice via a bluetooth headphone. It can detect minutiae of your performance, such as the symmetry of your skis and the angle of your edges.

Embrace strength training

While strength training is no new concept, it’s seeing a surge in popularity among women. Barry’s Bootcamp recently launched LIFT: a 50-minute strength training class designed to improve body composition, build muscle mass and bolster one’s metabolism. Each class will focus on different body parts and uses a combination of bench, dumbbell and bodyweight exercises. While over on the virtual space, the first week of January will see the launch of GRNDHOUSE, an online studio solely focused on strength and resistance training, and founded by four ex-Barry’s trainers; Louis Rennocks, Jay Copley, Connor Minney and Nik Naidoo. New classes will be uploaded to the platform daily, and each class guides the user on form and technique.

Heart Rate training becomes mainstream

In 2021, expect to see heart rate training everywhere. Usually reserved for professional athletes, this technique improves cardiovascular fitness while increasing one’s anaerobic threshold. Sweat by BXR, the pay-to-train iteration of the high-end members boxing gym BXR, has collaborated with Polar, the sports performance e-tailer, to create the new Performance HR class using Polar Heart Rate Monitors. These classes are designed to push you into specific heart rate zones and improve cardiovascular performance.

The obsession with at home workouts continues

While the pandemic’s demise edges ever closer, the love for at home fitness shows no sign of slowing down. ‘We are seeing a strong acceleration in the home fitness segment,’ explains Nerio Alessandri, Technogym founder and Chief Executive. ‘We think that the Home & Consumer segment could come to represent around 50 per cent of our total revenues in four years from now.’ The high-end Italian gym equipment manufacturer has recently launched the Technogym Bench: where dumbbells, weighted knuckles, resistance bands and a training mat are all neatly slotted into the bench. A slick one-stop solution for strength and resistance training at home.

Meanwhile Peloton, renowned for its premium exercise bikes, has launched Peloton Tread in the UK: a treadmill with a built-in interactive running platform with additional strength training content. Plus Peloton has also launched Peloton Pilates, where no equipment is required, and which can be watched on-demand from your smart TV, Peloton App, Bike, or Tread. Both worthy additions to any at home gym.

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