So Thai instant noodle producers are asking for a price increase, and that’s why we must think of how we can make the most of our dining investment. Here are the best Thai instant noodle flavours you can find in Bangkok.

That time has come. The end of the month is slowly approaching. Last month’s salary is drying up. Inflation is on the rise. You’re reluctantly thinking of selling your designer handbags again. Things can get hard, and instant noodles would never betray you, financially at least. During the last week of the month, every dollar is an investment.

That, or you’re just really addicted to the MSG goodness that comes with every packet. We all know how comforting a bowl of instant noodles can be, and it doesn’t help that it’s so easy to prepare. Now we’re all for a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes you just gotta cave in to those cravings, right?

Thailand is known for a lot of good food, but it’s also developed quite the following when it comes to this food group. There’s a lot of flavours to choose from, and it’s essential to know which are worth biting into the next time you visit the city. After all, you don’t have to lower your standards just because you’re broke.

Here are the best Thai instant noodle flavours to grab in Bangkok

best thai instant noodles
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Nissin’s stir-fried spiny lobster with kapi and chili

A newcomer to last year’s roster and beloved by the people. It’s aromatic with the unique scent of kapi, but not too overpowering. The spiciness level is just right, and will be the first thing you notice. The salt and sour follows up closely, which gives the dish a well-rounded blend of flavours. The only downside is that the lobster is not included, but it’s understandable.

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Samyang Buldak Carbonara Hot Chicken Flavor

Samyang is well-known for their spicy sauce. This one is milder than those counterparts, so it’s perfect if you’re in for a Carbonara flavour with little bit of kick. The noodles are soft and chewy, and the sauce is rich and creamy. Feel free to add some bacon bits or ham if you want to go the extra mile—trust us, it’s worth it. Just don’t ever tell your Italian friends.

best thai instant noodles
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Mama Oriental Kitchen Stir-fried Salted Egg

If you still remember the salted egg craze of 2019, this is one of the few actually good products that came out of it. The noodles are chewy with a lovely texture, and the broth really tastes like salted egg without being too salty. The best part is that if you buy the cup version, the lid has another layer with holes you can pour water out from without having to further open the lid. This is particularly useful for those who like their instant noodles less soupy and more stew-y. It’s the perfect companion to a night of bingewatching.

best thai instant noodles
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Wai Wai Quick Tom Yum Mun Goong

We can’t do a Thai instant noodle list without including Tom Yum flavour, and boy, there’s a lot to choose from. Ultimately, we selected the one from Quick. It’s hot and spicy. It’s sour with that distinct lime scent. It’s what you hope to taste when you think of Tom Yum, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Crack an egg and throw in some minced pork for that extra element.

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Mama Yentafo Tom Yum Mohfai

A quintessential inclusion in many Thai pantries—it’s not as spicy as the usual Tom Yum, but it makes up for it with a slight tinge of sweetness of the yentafo soup, along with a slightly oily texture that compliments the firm noodles. It’s a great alternative for when you’re bored of the usual Tom Yum, and it will feel extra homey if you add some fish balls or seafood of choice.

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Mama Instant Noodles Pork Flavoured

Ah yes, the iconic, classic pork-flavoured noodles. This is the perfect one you can buy if you don’t feel like getting something spicy. The aroma alone is enough to calm you down from a long day, and the salty, porky broth will surely satisfy your craving. It’s also one of the most versatile flavours of all if you’re down to add something extra. It goes great with meat, minced pork, or fish and meatballs. You could even add in gochujang and kimchi.

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MAMEE’s Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodles

If you’re feeling up for the challenge, the Daebak Ghost Pepper can easily make grown adults cry. It’s officially the world’s spiciest instant noodle, clocking in at a million on the Scoville scale. For reference, it’s roughly 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, and it’s enough to make you sweat from just two mouthfuls. Definitely proceed with caution, but it gives you good bragging rights if you succeed.

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