The Best Gourmet Grocery Delivery Services in Bangkok

gourmet grocery delivery bangkok

Have your gourmet groceries delivered to your doorstep with these special services in Bangkok.

Do you prefer having groceries delivered to your home instead of shopping in person? Whether it is because you don’t feel safe enough to be out and about just yet, or grocery shopping is not always a convenient option for you, there are a handful of delivery services that cater even to the most discerning of tastes. Here, we’ve got all of your cravings covered – from Italian, French, or Spanish specialties, to exotic cuts of meat and the freshest seafood.

We’ve compiled a list of seven gourmet grocery delivery services available in Bangkok. Make your shopping easy and your dinner something of a special affair tonight.

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El Mercado for Charcuterie 

For those who can’t stay away from a good charcuterie board, El Mercado offers a wide range of options to curate your own. They’ve got cured meats and ham, saucissons, salami, cooked pork meat, foie gras, and so much more. Whilst their offering is largely French, you can also find some Spanish favourites (from olives to even wine) at El Mercado. Browse their full selection here. 

Order via their website.

Food Delite for Italian Specialties 

Italian gourmet store Food Delite offers high-quality Italian products directly to your doorstep. From Italy to Thailand, all of their products are imported on a regular basis. Their offering includes everything from pasta and pasta sauces, to cheeses, fresh Italian vegetables, dry beans, and those infamous Italian olive oils. Browse their full menu here.

Order via their website. 

Caviar House of Bangkok for Caviar 

When we hear ‘gourmet’, we think caviar. And what better place to shop caviar from than Caviar House of Bangkok? Purveyor of opulent delicacies, they’re best known for their prestigious sturgeon caviar. Other deluxe delicacies include: Beluga Caviar, Golden Beluga Caviar, Fresh Sturgeon Gutted Fish, and Hot Smoke Sturgeon Balyk. Browse their full menu here. 

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Sloane’s for Quality Meat 

Bangkok’s artisan butcher and grocery Sloane’s is the place to order from if you’re in search of high-quality meat to cook your meals with. All of their meat products are ethically-sourced and made from local ingredients, ensuring the most natural and sustainable products possible. Meat-wise, their products include bacon, sausages, pork, and poultry. If you’re feeling particularly fancy and you have a pet, they even offer gourmet dog food. Browse their full menu here. 

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Oysteria for oysters 

If you’ve got a preferred palate for oysters, you’re in luck. Launched less than three months ago, Oysteria specialises in imported French premium oysters. Products on their menu include: Fine De Claire, Normandy, Belon, and Tsarkaya oysters. A full set is inclusive of 12 oysters, one lemon, one chucking knife, one seafood sauce, and one mignonette sauce. All you need to add is the champagne. Browse their full menu here. 

Order via Line @oysteria.th. 

Cagette Canteen & Deli for Seafood 

Offering a wide range of seafood products, Cagette Canteen & Deli allows you to shop their gourmet grocery online in a convenient manner. They’ve got both fresh seafood options (like mussels, yellow fin tuna, and cooked whelks), as well as ready-to-eat meals like lobster thermidor, lobster risotto, and imported smoked salmon. Don’t know where to begin? Just go all out and get their seafood platter and see what you prefer. Browse their full menu here. 

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Theo’s Market for Spanish favourites

Theo’s Market caters to all of your Spanish gourmet grocery necessities. They’ve got a selection of Spanish specialties ranging from Iberico ham to Manchego cheese, as well as olive oils, truffle products, cold cuts, and even caviar. Browse their full menu here. 

Order via their website. 

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