The best brow products for full, feathery eyebrows if yours are naturally sparse

Having naturally sparse eyebrows might feel like a major disadvantage now that we’re thick in the age of soap brows, but not all hope is lost yet.

Save for semi-permanent (but pricey) treatments like brow embroidery, lamination, or even a brow transplant, your ticket to full, feathery brows could be a long and frustrating one. Truth is, all you need to get that look is the right makeup, proper tools, and a little bit of practice.

Still intimidated? We were too, for walking the line between perfect Cara Delevingne brows and chunky anime ones is nothing short of precarious. There is, however, an increasing number of resources available to help you achieve the best shape for your face, especially in between grooming sessions. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills, for example, just launched its Golden Ratio Brow App that uses face mapping features via augmented reality to determine your best brows. The idea is to help you master the art of eyebrow shaping through its signature Golden Ratio Method, so you won’t have to deal with over-plucked eyebrows or live with a weird shape after your DIY adventures. What we won’t recommend, however, are brow stencils; everyones face shape is so different, so a fixed stencil will likely not work for you.

Next, you’ll need the right tools. The following have been selected for not only their quality, but also ease of use. The fluffy brows look dictates that you attempt to draw the most realistic hairs possible, so pick out pens or pencils that have a fine tip and finish the look with a quality pomade that won’t budge — even in the humidity. 

Read on for the best brow products to try.

(Featured image: West Barn Co.; hero image: Jason Mendez/Getty Images)


Glossier Boy Brow

It might seem odd that this pomade was actually inspired by old-fashioned moustache wax, but founder Emily Weiss was clearly on to something here. Now a holy grail brow product, its tiny, tapered spoolie brush allows the product — formulated with beeswax and canuba wax — to catch even the tiniest of brow hairs without getting on your skin or clumping. Oleic acid and atelocollagen also keeps the area moisturised and strengthens the hair strands. If you needed a quick, idiot-proof solution while on the go, this is it.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

Like a brow lift, but better. This customisable brow styling wax offers the strongest hold by the brand yet, and lifts, tames and sculpts every strand for a feathered brow that lasts all day. The easy-to-apply formula was made clear to suit all skin tones and brow colors and keeps it in place all day without the usual stiffness or flakiness expected from products like these. Use with the brand’s new Brow Pen for best results.

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West Barn Co. Soap Brow Kit

Your could technically reach for any bar of soap for the IG-famous brushed, slicked-up look, but because traditional soaps are alkaline, they can disrupt the skin barrier and cause irritation, especially on sensitive skin. The West Barn Co. Soap Brow Kit was specially made for the occasion, and comes with a face mist and flexible bamboo spoolie that lathers up the gentle formula and picks up just the right amount of product respectively. Right before the product completely sets, use the spoolie to do any last-minute angling, and you’ll have feathery brows that aren’t going anywhere — all day. 

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Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eyebrow Pencil

To avoid ending by up with an inky, one dimensional block, you’ll want to start by softly filling in the gaps and subtly defining your brows. This Giorgio Armani powder eyebrow pencil is highly blendable and comes with a fiber spoolie that easily creates a neat, naturally defined look that lasts up to 12 hours.

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Ciaté London Microblade Brow Pen

Think of this as a brow pen for dummies. Instead of using single strokes, this vegan, long-lasting formula is dispensed via a four pronged tip, creating ultra-precise strokes that mimic your natural brow hair effortlessly.

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Burberry Full Brows

This dual-ended brow builder sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually a quick and easy solution for perfect brows. The two-step approach involves using the waterproof liner to define and shape the brows first — the long-lasting formula mimics the look of natural hairs thanks to the ultra-thin brush. The brow shadow end follows next, and not only adds fullness to the brows but also sets it in place with its waxy finish.

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