Ad Gefrin, a ground-breaking Anglo-Saxon Museum and Distillery located in Northumberland, has launched its inaugural whisky blend this month. It’s a brand built on a spirit of belonging, combining Scottish and Irish whiskies.

Ad Gefrin

The £14m Anglo-Saxon Museum and whisky distillery will open to the public in February 2023, in Wooler, Northumberland. Created by the local Ferguson family, the immersive visitor attraction is designed to bring people together; a cross-generational regeneration effort that will be a catalyst for positive change. It aims to revitalise the local community, celebrating and showcasing its unique heritage, ancient hospitality and contemporary crafts, while revealing the fascinating history of Northumberland’s Anglo-Saxon ‘Golden Age’. And it’s the county’s first (legal) distillery in 200 years, incorporating a bistro, a bar, tailored tours and tastings.

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A standard bearer

The blend’s name means ‘Standard Bearer’ in Old English – the fitting name for the spirit that comes before all the others (a single malt is planned for their 2026 release). The Venerable Bede records that King Edwin was always preceded by a standard bearer carrying a standard with a goat’s head effigy — a symbol that’s central to Ad Gefrin’s brand marque. Tácnbora’s blend of Scottish and Irish whiskies represents two of the nationalities that would have made up the Anglo-Saxons of Northumbria (Scottish, Irish, English and Scandinavian), with coming editions reflecting different pairings. And, all four have been joined together for its exclusive blend; Corenkyn, meaning ‘Chosen Family’ in Old English (this one is currently available to members only). Tácnbora has notes of honey, vanilla, candied citrus peel and spices, backed up on the palate with the flavours of sultanas, cream soda and nutmeg and a lingering finish.

Further Details

Tácnbora is available to purchase online via their website www.adgefrin.co.uk



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