Stefanie Sun and JJ Lin post video of them making dumplings together

SINGAPORE – Apart from music, Stefanie Sun and JJ Lin have also collaborated in another area – making jiaozi (dumpling in Chinese).

On Thursday (Feb 18), the two home-grown pop stars posted on social media a video of them making the increasingly popular Chinese New Year food item.

Sun, 42, wrote: “Has everyone begun work? Sending the ingots made with JJ Lin last year (last year!). Blessings are never too late. Wishing everyone good luck and all the best.”

She used the hashtag #WhoseSkinIsThicker.

Lin, 39, wrote: “My first dumpling experience with Stefanie Sun. Would you like to taste it?”

In the video, he said this was the second time he was making dumplings, but there would be no pressure from his father this time. He was referring to a Oct 2019 video, when his father said he should stick to singing after he tried to make goubuli baozi (a steamed stuffed bun popular in Tianjin, China).

Sun then said there would be pressure from her.

Lin made a dumpling which looked more like a curry puff, while another one stuck to the table, prompting Sun to “admonish” him.

She looked at his dumplings and said: “Your skin is really too thick”, which could mean the skin of Lin’s dumplings was too thick or a joke that he had thick skin.

Both singers tried the dumplings eventually. Lin’s verdict was that they were delicious while Sun said they were acceptable.

They ended the post by wishing fans a happy Chinese New Year.

Lin is back in Singapore for the Chinese New Year after having been away in Taiwan for most of 2020.

Meanwhile, Sun released in late January a surprise single, What Remains, which she wrote, composed and produced during the pandemic.

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