Staying At Home In Style with Indra Priawan and Nikita Willy

Bringing an inside look of inspirational homes, MOIE presents a new episode in its video series called “This is Your Home” to share ideas for your interior, and bring dream homes to life. 

Through a collaboration with Prestige Indonesia, MOIE presents the first episode for 2021 of the “This is Your Home” video series, featuring one of Jakarta’s most influential couples: Indra Priawan and Nikita Willy. In this episode, the young entrepreneur and actress showcases the chic and comfortable space of their modern city apartment.

Located in the heart of Jakarta, the apartment was initially designed as a bachelor pad for Indra. Clad in monochromatic tones, the design is stylish and masculine with a dash of bold colours to add punch and balance. This combination is particularly apparent in the dining area, which is furnished with a set of Minotti’s Aston dining chairs in burgundy.

Today, however, the apartment has evolved into a proper home that is chic and cheerful, with plenty of vibrant colours and feminine touches brought about by the presence of Nikita. In other words, the space has become a combination of two energies embarking on a journey of the newlywed life.

To support the lighting in the room, a pair of Wireflow pendants by Vibia are suspended directly above the area, creating a central spot with a striking, three-dimensional outline. The geometric light sculpture creates a sense of transparency that defines the captivating graphic feel to space.

For the lounge, a Minoti Freeman sofa becomes the core personality that provides total comfort. Its smooth enveloping lines and extra-soft cushions are like a warm embrace that promises a feeling of pure relaxation. Taking the centre stand in the living space, the sofa is perfect to for private quality time or to entertain family and friends in an elegant yet casual setting.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen area, Poliform’s Phoenix kitchen sits beautifully to accompany Nikita and Indra in everyday cooking tasks. In a space where visual appeal is just as important as functionality, the kitchen’s dedicated shelves offer creative storage solutions to ensure a smooth and dynamic cooking experience.

Moving further into the apartment, we come to the couple’s living spaces. Preparing for busy days becomes more enjoyable thanks to the comfortable and stylish walk-in closet. Beautifully made by Poliform, it boasts both functionality and style. More importantly, the closet also offers innovative organization options with a wide range of containers and accessories dedicated to specific functions, such as trays, drawers, extractable shoe racks, trousers hangers, and shirt trays.

Enjoying amazing cityscapes from the comfort of a private outdoor space is a dream for most of the people who live in city apartments. To that end, the Minotti Outdoor collection provides everything one might need to create an intimate setting for their outdoor urban oasis. Naturally, this presents the perfect setup for Nikita and Indra to simply hang out, spend a restful retreat or treat people coming over.

For further information on the featured collections, visit Minotti Jakarta, Poliform Jakarta and MOIE Living.


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