Starbucks Japan targets food waste with 20% end-of-day discount

TOKYO — Starbucks Coffee Japan will fight food waste by offering discounts on products nearing expiration, with the markdowns beginning Monday at stores nationwide.

Certain baked goods, sandwiches and other items will be sold at a 20% discount around three hours before store closings. The specific items and the timing for the markdowns will depend on the day’s inventory. Markdowns will not apply to delivery services or orders placed on the coffee chain’s app.

Expired products account for about 15% of food waste at Starbucks Coffee Japan stores. A pilot program at 90 locations in Tokyo and neighboring Saitama Prefecture in March found that food waste was halved after discounts were offered for two hours daily. The markdowns also won staff support, and the company decided to take the program nationwide.

Part of the proceeds from discount sales will be donated to Musubie, an organization that runs soup kitchens for children.

The initiative also will help Starbucks’ sustainability efforts. The coffee chain’s global goals call for 50% cuts in carbon dioxide emissions, waste and water use by 2030.


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