Sketchy WiFi? Turns out you can access your Google Drive files offline

Working from home demands uninterrupted Internet connectivity, but that’s not perpetually the case. Thanks to the latest feature, however, you can worry less because now you can edit files in Google Drive even when you’re offline.

Google is launching a new feature allowing users to view and even edit any document stored in Drive, provided that they use the Google Chrome browser. It will now be possible to view PDF files, images or Microsoft Office documents offline from Google Drive. To do so, users will need to have the Google Chrome browser and web applications that can read these files.

It was already possible to read and edit Google documents stored in Drive via the same system and the dedicated web applications Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. After a test phase of almost two years, Google is now officially launching this new feature for all other types of file. To make files accessible offline, you must first select them, then right-click on them and opt to make them “available offline.”

In this way, users can access all the files stored in their Drive, which will open via the various dedicated web applications, installed beforehand. Note that a file edited offline can be synchronized automatically once an internet connection is re-established.

This feature is currently being rolled out. Note that Chromebook owners can use the Files application to view or edit their documents, without necessarily having to open Drive online.

This story was published via AFP.

(Hero and feature images by Firmbee.com/Unsplash.)


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