Singapore and Malaysia to progressively restore cross-border travel and recognise vaccine certificates

Singapore and Malaysia could soon see a progressive restoration of cross-border travel in tandem with vaccine certificates, announced both countries’ foreign affairs ministries.

“The operational details of the Reciprocal Recognition of Vaccine Certificate between Malaysia and Singapore, including the detailed requirements, health protocols, and application process involved for entry and exit into Malaysia and Singapore will be further deliberated and finalised by both parties.”

This was announced as Singapore’s foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan met with his Malaysian counterpart Hishammuddin Hussein in Putrajaya — on the back of vaccination programs that are well underway in both countries.

While details are yet to be ironed out, the two countries share close historical, cultural and tourism ties. The causeway connecting Singapore to Johor, Malaysia’s southernmost state is the most congested in the world and the airline route between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur is one of the busiest international services — at least before Covid-19 hit. The travel-starved amongst us might soon look forward to digging into Penang’s famed hawker dishes and the three entries on Asia’s 50 best list of top 51-100 restaurants.


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