Sangthong District Gets Tough on Illegal Entries

Illegal entrants in Sangthong District

Authorities in Sangthong District of Vientiane Capital have stepped up monitoring of border areas to capture Lao migrant workers returning from Thailand illegally.

According to reports, authorities in Sangthong District have issued new regulations and fines against migrant workers who re-enter Laos illegally.

Deputy Head of Sangthong Public Security Office, Lieutenant Colonel Phonesy Phanthavong, says Lao laborers who re-enter Laos illegally and try to evade the law will be required to pay for a Covid-19 test at LAK 1,200,000 per offense and will be made to pay for all costs of quarantine.

Those who re-enter from Thailand illegally but hand themselves over to authorities receive a free Covid-19 test and will not have to pay for costs of stay during quarantine, Lieutenant Colonel Phonesy Phanthavong said.

Since January, authorities in Sangthong District have arrested 26 Lao laborers returning from Thailand who re-entered the country illegally.

“Authorities have arrested 16 Lao laborers returning from Thailand who re-entered the country illegally via the Mekong River at Sangthong District, Vientiane Capital this month, and all were sent directly to a quarantine center,” Lieutenant Colonel Phonesy Phanthavong added.


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