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Samsung Electronics’ brand value is estimated at US$87.7 billion, the fifth highest among the world’s top 100 corporations.

Global brand consulting company Interbrand estimated Samsung Electronics’ brand value for this year at US$87.7 billion, the fifth highest after the U.S. Big Four tech companies — Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Samsung has maintained its fifth place for three consecutive years since 2020.

Hyundai Motor Co. ranked 35th, maintaining its position within the top 40 for eight consecutive years. Three Korean companies made it to the Best Global Brands 100 this year. The remaining company was Kia Corp., which was ranked 87th. 

Among the top 10 brands, seven were U.S. brands. Other non-U.S. brands were Toyota (6th) and Mercedes-Benz (8th).

Samsung’s brand value increased 17 percent from 2021. Interbrand said the brand value of all Samsung products, including mobile phones, TVs, home appliances, and networking products, increased evenly. In particular, the brand value of its semiconductors soared due to an increase in global data usage.

Hyundai Motor Co.’s brand value was estimated at US$17.3 billion. It first entered the top 100 list by claiming 89th place with brand value of US$3.5 billion won in 2005.

Interbrand said Hyundai Motor is not only realizing its vision of electrification by building an eco-friendly mobility ecosystem, but is striving to become a brand that permeates consumers’ lifestyles.

Kia’s brand value was estimated at US$6.612 billion and its ranking was down by one notch down from 2021.

Among Chinese brands, Xiaomi (84th) entered the top 100 club in addition to Huawei this year. Xiaomi’s brand value was estimated at US$7.326 billion. Huawei was ranked 85th last year but fell by one notch to 86th despite a growth rate of 7 percent.

Among Japanese brands, Toyota ranked highest (6th). Its ranking moved up by one notch from last year and surpassed Coca-Cola. Honda dropped by one notch from 25th place in 2021 to 26th, and Sony rose to 39th from 41st in 2021. Nissan landed at 61st place, falling from 59th in 2021, and Nintendo jumped to 68th from 70th in 2021.



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