Samsung Display’s Laptop OLED Display Certified as Halo-free

Samsung Display’s laptop OLED display has been certified as a halo-free display by UL.

Samsung Display’s laptop OLED display has been recognized as a halo-free display by UL, a global certification company, the company announced on April 26.

A halo that appears on a display refers to a light scattering phenomenon in which the borderline of a bright subject appears white in an image with sharp contrast, such as a crescent moon in the night sky. Light blurs are common in liquid crystal display (LCD) products equipped with local dimming.

A blur test conducted internally by Samsung Display found that self-luminous OLED panels showed no blur at 0.00 percent. On the other hand, LCD panels showed blurs.

In particular, assuming that several people are looking at a laptop screen together, when the degree of blur was evaluated when angles were 45 degrees and 60 degrees, the OLED display did not show any light blur. On the other hand, a local dimming-based LCD display showed that blur inflated 3 to 8 times as the viewing angle increased compared to looking at the display from the front.


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