Recipes to Celebrate Black History Month

THESE INFLUENTIAL Black chefs shared their stories and recipes in The Wall Street Journal’s Slow Food Fast column. Here they discuss what the recipes mean to them, their larger cultural and historical resonance, and how they reflect their individual approaches to cooking.

Mashama Bailey of the Grey and the Grey Market in Savannah, Ga., shared her method for making beans and rice, a dish that’s particularly special to her because it’s one her grandmother loved:

“I’ve never sought out restaurant chefs for guidance. When I cook, I keep grabbing at parts of a story that I want to know more about. I keep peeling back the layers. As I get older I find that I crave the foods familiar to me, like these black beans. I gravitate toward what feels stable and consistent with what my body craves. I believe you have to grab on to the foods that got you interested in cooking in the first place.

My grandmother liked this to come out really hot. And if anything, this dish is more important to me now than before because she’s been gone that much longer. It reminds me of all the funny stories she used to tell.”

Other recipes from Mashama Bailey:Italian Sausage and Peppers, Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich With Comeback Sauce and Catfish Tagine With Chermoula


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