KUALA LUMPUR, 29th August — Serving millions of meals every year since it started in 2020, Malaysian style fast food chain, Pop Meals, knows the Malaysian palate like the back of their hand.

Backed by artificial intelligence (AI) that analyses every order and feedback that a guest provides, Pop Meals profiled over 500 thousand Malaysians to determine their  flavour preferences as 40 per cent creamy and cheesy and 37 per cent are partial towards spicy food.

When it comes to protein, over 90 per cent have preferences towards Chicken.

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Using this data, the Malaysian style fast food chain will be giving Mac and Cheese a Malaysian twist with a three variety menu in its Mac-deka Trio, The Mac-deka Trio includes the Masak Lemak Mac and Cheese, especially created for this year’s Merdeka, and the ever popular Super Creamy Mac and Cheese and Crazy Spicy Mac and Cheese.

The menu will be available  for a limited time only between 29 August and 30 September.

On why Pop Meals is giving their classic Mac and Cheese dishes a local twist, Pop Meals’ general manager Shaik Ali said, “Out of the 30 items on our menu, our Mac and Cheese dishes are the clear crowd favourites among Malaysians.

“We have served more than a million  Mac and Cheeses in our 32 outlets around the Klang Valley and Seremban since the first Pop Meals store opened in 2020. The menu has gone through over 45 iterations since it was first launched and we’re still continuously improving it based on daily feedback from our guests. Initially, our team thought the Crazy Spicy Mac & Cheese was too spicy but our guests told us they wanted it even spicier so that’s exactly how we improved it! You can truly say Malaysians absolutely love spicy food..

“We challenge anyone to find a more popular Mac and Cheese in Malaysia and we are excited to celebrate the 65th Merdeka Day with three varieties of truly Malaysian Mac and Cheese.”

Shaik commented that The Mac-deka Trio highlights the creamy, savoury, and spicy flavour profiles that Malaysians love so much.

“These authentic Malaysian Mac and Cheese recipes, like all our other menus, was the result of analysing thousands of customers’ feedback and based on these feedbacks, our AI determines the level of creaminess, savouriness and spiciness that Malaysians of all ages would enjoy most so that each meal that comes out of the Pop Meals’ kitchen will surely be a crowd favourite,” he added.

Pop Meals will also be giving out one free Mac-deka Mac and Cheese with the purchase of three A la carte Mac-deka Mac and Cheese with the voucher code MACDEKA31 on the Pop Meals app.

About Pop Meals

Pop Meals is Malaysia’s pioneer digital first, data driven fast food brand using artificial intelligence and guest feedback to drive and improve its menu offering. The digital ordering system is convenient for customers to order for dine-in, takeaway and delivery from their growing network of smart outlets. As Malaysia’s first YCombinator startup, Pop Meals has impressed investors with its innovative use of technology in its end-to-end operating system that enables efficient operations and better experience for its guests


There are three variants of Mac-deka Mac and Cheese.

The Super Creamy Mac & Cheese

A creamy bowl of perfection served with premium imported mozzarella cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, natural milk and cream and chicken sandwich, garnished with fresh English parsley, this is crafted delicately for the indulgent cheese lovers

The Crazy Spicy Mac & Cheese

Careful, extremely spicy!!! Infused with 100% Malaysian red chilli pepper, black peppercorn and chilli flakes, this is made for those who want to take the heat up a few notches on the Scoville Scale

The Masak Lemak Mac & Cheese

Inspired by traditional Negeri Sembilan cuisines, creamy coconut milk, turmeric, lemongrass and kaffir lime is slow cooked to produce a flavourful curry combination, topped with premium smoked beef. This dish is created for the truly adventurous and authentic cuisine enthusiasts




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