Pinko captures the mix-and-match spirit of Gen Z style in its new collection

Nobody dresses with as much eclecticism as Gen Z, who regularly remix and reference the style codes of different eras in their outfits. That attitude to fashion is something that Pinko understands pretty well.

The Italian brand emerged from the ’80s, which saw its own share of youths that were obsessed with music, dance and fashion. In the decade of disco, one had to get creative with their clothing if they wanted to get into any of the cool clubs around. Today’s TikTok generation may not have those same spaces to go to, but they do share that individualistic approach to style.

(Photo credit: Pinko)

It’s apt, then, that Pinko’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection is a melange of aesthetics, encompassing the bohemian chic of Stevie Nicks, the grunge look immortalised by a teenage Kate Moss, and the leather-accented outfits of rockstars like Debbie Harry.

The collection takes inspiration from the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, California, where vintage fashion fans flock to do the very thing Gen Zs love — thrift shopping. And you can see it in the styling: maxi knit cardigans are layered over ’70s flare jeans; bouclé skirt suits, much like the one Olivia Rodrigo wore to the White House, are paired with T-shirts bearing gothic motifs that e-girls would love; and the floral frocks and patchwork skirts of free-loving hippies are toughened up with eco-leather jackets, coats and boots.

(Photo credit: Pinko)

This season, Pinko also caters to the athleisure-minded crowd, offering soft, fleece sweaters and comfy C-Clique tracksuits that would speak to someone like Billie Eilish.

The collection is perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure when it comes to dressing. You may not be able to fly to California, but you can still experience the thrill of a good find by looking through these new pieces, which you can now shop at the at the Pinko boutique at ION Orchard, or online.

(Photo credit: Pinko)

Header photo credit: Pinko


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