Photo London Highlights: Unmissable Exhibitions & Photographers

Photo London Fair arrives at Somerset House and online this Wednesday, September 8 showcasing a wealth of photographic talents and works from across the globe and not to be missed if you’re a photography lover. Don’t miss out on these highlights…

Photo: Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey, Photo London Fair

and black and white portraits of Andy Warhol, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and Michael Caine. 

For the Master of Photography exhibition, Shirin Neshat presents Land of Dreams for the for the first time in full in the UK. It features 111 photographs of New Mexico residents and her two-channel film installation that are both fictitious and documentative. This body of works sees Neshat turn her lens to the landscape and people of the American West. The first film on the two-channel video installation follows a young Iranian art student named Simin, who travels around suburban and rural areas of New Mexico photographing local residents in their homes. As part of the protagonist’s assignment, Simin asks her subjects about their most recent dreams. As the people she encounters vividly detail their dreams, the viewer is transported into these imagined narratives alongside Simin, who wanders inside each participant’s subconscious mind.


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