Pete Davidson’s Kim Kardashian Tattoo Collection Now Includes… Her Kids’ Names?

Pete Davidson consistently shows his outright devotion to Kim Kardashian – not with flowers, Birkins, or that other normal stuff – but by way of tattoos. With his latest neck tat, he seems to be hinting that he’s all in for Kim Kardashian…and the kiddos, too (though, I’m sure toys would’ve sufficed).

After leaving his slot during the “Netflix is a Joke” festival on April 30 with his muse Kim Kardashian, Davidson was snapped by paps and eagle-eyed social media sleuths deduced the meaning of the SNL actor’s new “KNSCP” neck tat.

In fact, it didn’t take Twitter detectives long at all to decode Davidson’s latest ink and speculate that the letters represent Kim Kardashian and her kids’ names: Kim Kardashian, North West, Saint West, Chicago West, and Psalm West.

Even after the sympathy generated for Davidson after this year’s hoopla surrounding Ye‘s one-sided beef with Pete Davidson, the internet found Davidson’s latest ink-age weird and perhaps even a little too much, too soon (Davidson and Kardashian have been dating for just over half a year, presumably).

“Pete Davidson is weird AF,” one tweeter comments. “I understand Kanye’s side more and more every day.”

Denzel Curry even entered the chat out of nowhere to say, “Leave the kids out of this.”

Meanwhile, the in-betweeners, like myself, wonder if everyone else has CSI vision because I couldn’t even decipher what the tattoo said, as the picture is quite blurry. Heck, it could even say “KNSOP” instead of “KNSCP.”

Despite Davidson cruising around with North West for some non-permanent, harmless fun, though, a neck tattoo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s kids is still a pretty a weird way to show up for your lover.

It also makes me wonder if Davidson is trolling Kanye West. It would undoubtedly match his comedic style: throughout the beef with Ye, Davidson continued to quietly poke against the rapper’s grievances against him, like when Davidson reportedly sent Ye a photo of himself in-bed with Kim Kardashian.

So suppose these Twitter PIs prove to be right yet again. Ye will surely flip out (though not on social media, thankfully) and this tattoo will join Pete Davidson’s other bizarre displays of love for Kim Kardashian, like his “My girl is a lawyer” and “Kim” branding, which are legit.

For celebs, a simple “I love you” doesn’t cut it anymore. Nah, if you ain’t drinking blood and branding yourself, it ain’t real (apparently).


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