Personal Development Courses to Enroll in Online, from Anywhere in the World

This year spent at home has largely been framed by mental health — smashing remaining stereotypes about illnesses and promoting self-development.

The realm of ‘self’ is vast and wide, with books to read, podcasts to listen to and resources to support and learn on. Another aspect of that realm are courses designed for personal development on a subconscious level, helping to reprogram old patterns and habits to put what you learn into future action. There’s a lot to it, and these are three great places to start:

Personal Development School

Personal Development School
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It works like a university with no grading system — you choose to enrol in courses that apply to your wants and needs. The school was started by Thais Gibson, a personal development expert, actor, and teacher carried in various different therapeutic techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. These courses span across understanding and reworking attachment styles, to healing trauma and buried emotional wounds. Alongside videos, clients are provided with PDF workbooks to translate what you’ve learnt into the applied areas of your life.

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Allways Live Well with Amanda Luukinen

Amanda Luukinen
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Amanda Luukinen is an American KL-based women’s health and wellness coach as well as a professional educator. Her website is no typo; “all” refers to her goal of helping clients live well in all areas of their life. Amanda believes in full alignment as becoming awake and aware mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Her courses are designed for women which include topics like learning to love well, and loving your body, where Amanda works personally with each client. If you’re keen, you can schedule a 30-minute intro session through video call where you’ll get to talk about your goals and the areas that you’d like some support in. You can also sign up for her regular women’s circles at Moon & Soul in Bangsar.

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Masterclass - Christina Aguilera
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It’s highly likely that you’ve come across MasterClass ads on YouTube already and believe us, it’s well worth the click , and investment. MasterClass is a streaming platform with the widest selection of quick courses for everything ranging from writing to sports. Your ‘teachers’ are experts in the their respective fields, household names including Anna Wintour, Stephen curry, Natalie Portman, Gordon Ramsey, and Dr. Jane Goodall. Each class consists of 20 video lessons that run around 10-minutes-long, alongside a workbook for homework.

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