Our theme for February 2021 is about love amidst a pandemic

2021, what a year.

Each month this 2021, we will be highlighting a particular theme in our content, be it the appropriate staycation etiquette in the summer, or how to adequately put together a cheeseboard during the festive season. For the second month of the year — arguably the most cheesy and romantic of them all — our theme is about love in uncertain times. For February 2021, it’s entitled “Love in the time of COVID-19.”

Whilst we don’t know how we feel about pulling a play on Love in the time of Cholera, something about it felt apt. We live in unusual times, between second waves of COVID-19 sweeping across the country, new and old normals being enforced, and working from home while dining between screens. Many of us have not travelled abroad in a year or more, and that leaves many of us with loves and lovers far away.

Our theme for February 2021 aims to touch on this touchy subject a little. What is modern love? What does it look like in the time of a pandemic? How do we cope? How do we practice self love?

Stories you’ll find this month will be a mix of the sweet and the sappy that you’d expect any February, alongside the curiosities that COVID-19 has brought with it. We’ll be updating all our (love) stories — old, new, strange, and surprising — down below. Stay safe out there. Stay loved.

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What love and dating will look like in 2021

“Between the two periods of lockdown, we observed that, on average, 5% of people were no longer with the same partner. For lots of couples, lockdown was an ordeal that served to purge slightly shaky relationships with partners who weren’t very used to seeing each other a lot or having to put up with each other on a daily basis in a confined space. In parallel, a study carried out for Pornhub shows that the question of health risks — previously limited to STDs — was a new brake on dating among single people: 40% of single people would refuse to kiss someone for fear of catching covid; 60% of people would refuse to make love to someone who had previously been infected with coronavirus; and 60% would refuse to make love to someone who is at risk of exposure [to the virus] — at work, for example.

Image Credit: House of Eden

10 romantic cafes for a date in Bangkok

When talking about romantic cafes, House Of Eden immediately tops our list. The pink-blasted café inspired by the mythical garden conjures a sense of illusional fantasy that makes this place so dreamy and marvellous. From pastel pink sofas and pink-painted walls to the use of a rose-gold palette throughout the entire shop, the House of Eden may appear to be what every girl pictures when she thinks about the princess tea house. So those who want to dine like a prince or princess, saunter over there and try the cafe’s sumptuous feast of food, desserts, and drinks.

Image Credit: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

A survival guide for couples in lockdown together

As more and more of us are practicing social distancing and avoiding contact with other people, some of us are both lucky and unlucky to be able to spend this time locked up with a loved one. And whilst a few days of spending every waking minute together may seem romantic at first, there’s no denying that through this social distancing practice, many couples may begin to crave some, well, distance from each other.

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Weekend muse: a self-care itinerary for any kind of person

A self-care itinerary for those living alone…

09:00: Wake up, and write in your gratitude journal

09:30: Get dressed in something comfortable but presentable (inspiration: resortwear)

10:00: Cook breakfast, while playing feel-good music

12:00: Make a collage from old photos or magazines, and turn them into postcards to send to friends

16:00: Read outside (a park pavilion is a wonderful option)

17:00: Set up afternoon tea for yourself, using different herbs and florals

18:00: Phone a friend, and have a nice long chat, or try your hand at gardening if you don’t feel like talking

19:00: Have a light and nutritious dinner, following an actual recipe

20:00: Draw yourself an aromatherapy bath (put the phone away)

21:00: Read some more, and sleep early

Image Credit: The New Moon Hong Kong

4 wellness intentions to set this week, according to wellness experts

Instead of lofty weight-loss goals that will surely get thrown wayward a month into the new year, we’re committing to 2021 resolutions that are a little bit kinder — to our minds and bodies. A little more mindful. A little more reflective than in years past.

We’ve chit-chatted with experts in the fields of mental health, meditation and spiritual wellness in Hong Kong this month, in hopes of gleaning tips and ideas for setting up mindful intentions this year. Here’s what they said.

Image Credit: Alexandra Gornago/Unsplash

5 engagement ring trends to look out for in 2021

If wedding bells may come ringing for you next year, there’s no time like the present to see what’s trending for engagement rings. While many classic styles are making a comeback this new year, there are also some unique coloured-stones stealing the spotlight. We’ve rounded up a few engagement ring trends you can expect in 2021. This way you’ll definitely be prepared if you want to put a ring on it.

Image Credit: Food Photographer Jennifer Pallian

What to eat to heal a broken heart, according to a nutritionist

Our greatest wish is to crawl into a tub of ice cream and overdose right now, but that probably wouldn’t be the healthiest thing. Could you suggest some alternatives?

Nice cream! I make ‘ice cream’ with only fruit — think, blended frozen berries or mango or even bananas. For added flavour you can also add raw cacao, cacao nibs, and any crushed nuts to add texture. Here are several (dairy-free) recipes I like to use.

Image Credit: Supergoop!

I’m your bae, you’re my boo: 7 beauty products you can share with your man

Have you been secretly wearing his perfume and he knows it but doesn’t say anything? If there’s anything good this pandemic has brought alone, it is that it has brought couples closer in many ways. You’ve probably been spending more time doing chores together like brewing the morning coffee, conversations over dinner, and of course, Netflix and chilling. We wouldn’t be surprised if soon you start sharing the same beauty products, too. After all, it is also a means to save space on the bathroom shelf.

Image Credit: Herbivore Botanicals

Self care update: why you need to check out gua sha face massage

If you’re the type that likes to use their hands, and either a) love jade face rollers or b) love the idea of face rollers without the commitment, you need to start looking into gua sha face massage. Even if you don’t fancy face rollers at all, actually, gua sha offers a lot in terms of natural therapy for the face, and some even believe it to give them a better night’s sleep. Read on for more.


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