Onitsuka Tiger replaces Cinderella’s slipper with a sneaker

We all know the tale of Cinderella, but what if she lost her Onitsuka Tiger sneaker instead of her glass slipper?

The story of Cinderella is one that has been told repeatedly. The Disney film adaptation of the story was released 71 years ago in the 1950s. After that release of the film, the story was known by almost everyone. One of the key components of the story is the iconic glass slipper, but realistically, heels aren’t always comfortable. Onitsuka Tiger presents a modern-day solution and a more realistic style choice for millennial Cinderella. Check out the Onitsuka Tiger x Cinderella campaign.

[Hero/Feature Image Credit: Onitsuka Tiger]

Image Credit: Onitsuka Tiger x Cinderella

A new version of Cinderella

Whilst the most popular Cinderella adaptation hails from Disney, there are so many others, including A Cinderella Story, Into the Woods, or even the Cinderella Live-Action show. This year, however, Amazon Prime Video aims to bring Cinderella in a new form.

Starring world-renowned pop star Camilla Cabello this new Cinderella is presented in a more modern take. There is a message of female empowerment and diversity that is promoted in the film. This is a character like we’ve never seen before, and is perfect for the present time.

Onitsuka Tiger replaces the glass slipper

Onitsuka Tiger is a popular Japanese brand founded in 1946. Although they have been around for a long time, they always find a way to keep up with current trends. Born as a collaboration between the brand and the film, Onitsuka Tiger will release a limited-edition pair of sneakers together with Amazon Prime Video’s Cinderella.

The creators of the sneaker have been largely inspired by the film. They tried to incorporate the main themes of the movie so that they could be represented in these sneakers. After all, the shoe plays a central role in the storyline.

Onitsuka Tiger x Cinderella

Inspired by the movie, the Onitsuka Tiger x Cinderella sneakers are the new take on the classic glass slippers.

These sneakers are modelled after the P-TRAINER PRZM from the Onitsuka Tiger Contemporary Collection. The holographic, prismatic colours are used to represent the mirror-like effect that comes with the classic Cinderella glass slippers. There is also a tiara hidden on the back of the shoe, to bring out that princess feeling. The classic Onitsuka Tiger Stripes can be seen on the soles of the sneaker, too.

Beyond the sneakers themselves, the box in which they are house is also specially designed for a magical unboxing. However, this princess feeling can be fleeting as there only be 800 pairs produced and sold in Onitsuka Tiger stores worldwide. You can get yours in-store or online from September onwards. 



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