Number of Young Executives Increasing in Major Business Groups

The ratio of relatively young executives are increasing at Korea’s top 30 business groups.

Enterprise research institute Leaders Index recently analyzed 197 listed subsidiaries of 30 business groups and announced on Dec. 6 that they had 7,438 non-outside director executives at the end of the third quarter of this year, the executives include 3,484 born in 1969 or later, and the ratio increased by 19.5 percentage points from 27.3 percent in two years.

The ratio of relatively young executives increased a lot in IT companies in particular. “In Naver, 114 out of 121 executives are in that age group,” it said, adding, “In the three subsidiaries of Kakao, 14 out of 15 are in that age group.”

Of the top four groups, that is, Samsung, Hyundai Motor, SK and LG, Samsung showed the highest ratio of young executives. “In Samsung Group’s 16 subsidiaries, those in the age group accounted for 55.5 percent of their 1,861 executives and the ratio increased 20.4 percentage points in two years,” it explained, continuing, “The ratios of SK, LG and Hyundai Motor Groups are 53.6 percent, 50.7 percent and 32 percent, respectively.”


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