KUALA LUMPUR – No radiation or radioactive elements have been detected from the two objects suspected to be debris from China’s rocket in Sarawak, said the Science, Technology, and Innovation Ministry.

The confirmation was made by the ministry’s space division, which conducted investigations on the two objects yesterday, said the ministry in a statement.

“Early investigations, which included the help of local authorities, were carried out in Kg Nyalau, Bintulu and Kg Sepupok Lama, Niah in Miri.

“This was done to ensure that there are no radioactive elements that might come from the objects before further investigation can be done.

“Both objects are safe for researchers to carry out further investigation and analysis.”

The ministry, via the Malaysian Space Agency in collaboration with the Chemistry Department, will conduct a detailed investigation of the two objects to confirm whether they were from China’s Long March 5B rocket.

Two days ago, the re-entry of the debris was seen and recorded by local residents at around 12.50am, with videos of the incident being widely shared on social media.

source – The Vibes

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