New Eats: Vicky Cheng collaborates with ChickenSoup Foundation for “Project Soul Relief” and more

New menu additions from Hansik Goo, Brut! and N.I.C.E Yakuniku you’d want to know about. And at chef Vicky Cheng’s VEA and WING, dishes are doing more than just being new and tasty but by being good, thoughtful and impactful as well.

After three consecutive four-day work weeks, it’s back to business as usual, which also means a tiresome, gruelling long five days ahead. But there’s a silver lining: we’re due for another long weekend at the end. Another thing that’s Business As Usual these days is the return of dinner service. Which, if you’ve still yet to get yourself booked and busy with some evening plans to experience the excited revival of a Hong Kong F&B industry past 6pm, we’d recommended these reopened, revamped, renewed locations and a side of this week’s New Eats.

New Menus to Eat This Week in Hong Kong

VEA x WING collaborate with ChickenSoup Foundation for “Project Soul Relief”

The fifth wave of the pandemic was a hard-hitter for Hong Kong. A tough time for many, it was especially challenging for grassroots families, which faced immense financial pressure and mental health issues with the continued restrictions and limitations on public facilities. Having learnt of the extensive difficulties faced, chef Vicky Cheng and his wife Polly made a decision to collaborate with ChickenSoup Foundation, a local non-profit that aims to offer support to low-income, single-parent familiars with special education needs (SEN) children, with the creation of Project Soul Relief.

Two limited-edition food sets from chef Vicky’s award-winning restaurants will be prepared for Project Soul Relief to be easily reheated at home — VEA’s South African Abalone Noodles with 30g Kristal Caviar and WING’s Abalone Sauce Fish Maw Rice and Chopped Chilli Fish Maw Rice. With every purchase, all calculated profits after the deduction of cost will be donated to ChickenSoup Foundation where it will be allocated to respective services including one-on-on counselling and therapy, anti-stress workshops, emotional management training sessions, daily tutorials, extracurricular activities and nutritious foods packs to ensure the well-being and development of SEN children.

“There is no better position than being a parent of two daughters myself to understand children’s greatest needs, especially the love and care. Every child deserves a happy and healthy childhood. My wife and I thought the best way to contribute and help those who are less fortunate during the pandemic is to utilise what we are best at and generate funds for them.”

Chef Vicky Cheng

Support Project Soul Relief here.

A Mad Dinner 3.0: Simran Savlani x Relish

new eats 25 april

Since the launch of her vegetarian cookbook A Spark of Madness back in November, cookbook author Simran Savlani has seen great response. Her most recent feat: a third run of the pop-up dining series, A Mad Dinner, at premium catering company, Relish. Already having added a second date (14 May) in addition to its original run on 13 May, the nine-course menu features some of Savlani’s creative recipes that haven been inspired by flavours across Asia.

The evening will showcase a range of sharing-style plates that you may have already seen documented in her cookbook. These include cheesy cornbread with jalapeño and honey butter, handmade biang biang noodles, Macau’s Portuguese curry in cafe style and a spicy tequila highball to sip throughout the night. Tickets have since sold out, unfortunately, but do look out for more “Mad Dinner” events over at Savlani’s Instagram. Or get her cookbook and replicate the meal at home.

Relish, 22D, “Yally Industrial Building, 6 Yip Fai Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, +852 3481 1824

Hansik Goo

We’ve briefly mentioned a menu renewal at Hansik Goo for a inspired location for your come-back dinner. Now, for an in-depth look at what’s new at the modern Korean destination. The renewal of the seasons inspired Hansik Goo for a new menu spotlighting seasonal Korean vegetables including minari (Korean water parsely), don-namul (gold moss stonecrop) and dureup (Korean anglica tree sprout) which are presented in different preparation methods on the menu, from blanched, steamed or served fresh.

Upon which, look out for revamped iterations of familiar signatures including Clam Juk, a Korean-style congee, now cooked with minari and clam stock, served with steamed egg custard, clams and seasonal gamtae (Korean seaweed); Seolleongtang, a typical winter serve freshened up by Hanwoo (Korean beef) mandu dumplings; and Samgye Risotto 2, made in a seasonal iteration with morel mushrooms along the signature chicken roulade and sliced abalone. Don-namul is featured in Naengchae, a Korean-style cold salad with veggie and seafood featuring savoury Daejeo tomato, plums and olives; while Dureup is used in a standalone vegetable side dish with a drizzle of chogochujang sauce.

Hansik Goo, 1/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2798 8768

Brut! introduces a new revamped seasonal menu (and Champagne pairing!)

new eats 25 april

Sai Ying Pun’s intimate and unpretentious wine bar Brut! introduces a fully revamped menu since its opening in 2018. Inspired by the team’s culinary backgrounds, the new selection — perfectly poised for the spring and summer season — stars a continuation of the restaurant’s creative plates with Grandma’s Rolls, an inspired take on the classic cinnamon roll with a distinct Asian twist from the adding of Chinese Lao Gan Ma chilli oil and a miso glaze upon the brioche dough; Sichuan Tiger Prawns; Laksa-lathered salmon, wrapped in shisho leaves; seared baby eggplant; and the satisfying dish of hanger steak, only in this Brut! twist, with a overnight rub of koji rice and coffee grounds.

And without forgetting the 24-seater’s reputation as a leading wine bar, Brut! creates a Grower Champagne paring featuring four glasses of the restaurant’s most interesting bottles, from the most traditional blanc de blanc to lesser known natural wines and old vine blanc de noirs.

Brut!, Shop C, 1 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, +852 3460 5863

N.I.C.E Yakiniku & Fine Wine Miyazaki Wagyu experience

new eats 25 april

Named “N.I.C.E” for Nippon-style Impeccable Culinary Experience, N.I.C.E Yakiniku & Fine Wine in Causeway Bay places its focus on refined Japanese yakiniku experiences, complete with the traditional charcoal grill and a menu of premium cuts including Australian M9 Wagyu rib-eye and Tamba Japanese wagyu, known for its flavour, marbling and tenderness.

In celebration of the return of dinner service — and just ahead of Mother’s and Father’s Day festivities — executive chef Kennie Poon, a veteran in Japanese fine dining following a stint at Michelin-starred Zest by Konishi, renews two seasonal menu featuring the beautifully marbled Miyazaki Japanese beef, or more specially, the A4 Miyazaki wagyu. The specific cut, a winner in the “Wagyu Olympics” (it’s a real thing, Google it!) the last 15 years, is featured on the nine-course KURO menu with a wagyu tartare toast, chuck roll sukiyaki and drunken beef jelly with goji berries, red dates and longan, while the 11-course Akagane sees similar serves with added decadence including caviar-topped tartare, USDA Prime Short Rib “Char Siu” rice and a shabu shabu edition of the Miyazaki chuck roll.

N.I.C.E Yakiniku & Fine Wine, 7/F, Aura on Pennington, 66 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2886 4838

Header image courtesy of Brut!


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