Never Remove Your Shoes On An Aeroplane

Given that the world is gradually opening, and travel is reviving, I felt it would be a good idea to discuss taking off your shoes on an aeroplane. Consider the increased awareness of hygiene that everyone is expected to adopt in the aftermath of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Despite the complimentary beverages and salty nibbles, flying is not always a pleasant experience. Nobody enjoys being confined to the middle seat and then needing to pee. To add to the relaxation factor of aircraft travel, it may be tempting to take off your shoes and kick up your feet – at least as much as your legroom allows.

Others may prefer to remove their shoes owing to physical pain encountered throughout the flight. Let’s examine the source of this discomfort and consider if removing our shoes is the best way to alleviate it.

According to foot & ankle experts, swelling in the legs and feet may sometimes develop during flights due to the combination of low cabin pressure and inactivity caused by prolonged sitting.

When these factors combine, they impair circulation and cause blood to pool in the legs, resulting in swelling and pain. While removing your shoes seems to be a sensible remedy for relieving pressure on your swollen feet, doing so creates a whole new issue.

Carpets are an ideal breeding ground for germs, and despite an airline’s best efforts, it is challenging to keep carpets completely germ-free. According to Best Life, flying barefoot nearly ensures direct contact with pathogens.

Additionally, plane carpets may accumulate dirt from barefoot bathroom visits. Most former flight attendants, believes these viruses came straight from human fluid since a turbulent airline journey may have splattered waste particles into the lavatory floor.

If you’ve been slipping off your shoes due to physical discomfort, foot & ankle experts  recommend stretching out in an aisle seat, keeping your legs slightly elevated by placing your feet on top of a personal item under the seat in front of you, taking an occasional lap up and down the aisle, and drinking plenty of water. In rare instances, your doctor may recommend compression socks. Consider these ways, and you may discover that you may still relax while keeping your shoes on securely throughout a flight.


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