National Unity Ministry to channel RM20mln for maintenance, upgrade of non-Muslim houses of worship

PUTRAJAYA,. The Ministry of National Unity (KPN) will channel an allocation of RM20 million for repairs, maintenance and emergency works on non-Muslim houses of worship.

Minister Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique in a statement today said the financial assistance has been set according to the nature of work to be carried out

Allocation for civil works which include structural repairs, repairs to flooring, roof, ceiling and fencing should not exceed RM100,000 while electrical wiring works and mechanical works such as repairs to air conditioning units, lifts and water pump system should not exceed RM50,000.

She said KPN has prepared a guideline and procedures for applying for the allocation under the Financial Assistance for Non-Muslim Houses of Worship Programme to ensure transparency and accountability in channeling the funds.

“The management of the houses of worship can obtain the application forms and get more details on the application process through KPN official portal and queries can be channeled directly to the ministry,” she said.

In the 2021 Budget, the government approved an allocation of RM50 million for maintenance and upgrading work of Muslim and non-Muslim houses of worship.



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